I know it's not a bag but......

  1. very pretty! :yes:
  2. This is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!:yes:
  3. Yeah, that's a lovely coat D.! That's a french size 40 right ? I'm 34/36 so it's too big...pity...Actually I have one that looks exactly the same that I bought in Paris from A.P.C., how funny...:smile:
  4. It is lovely...coming from a person who never looks at coats!
  5. That is gorgeous!
  6. omg.....if it would fit me I could SOOOO see myself in it....carrying my vintage Croc bag. Well...maybe it's a good thing for my wallet that it's NOT my size....
  7. OOooh, that's a fantastic coat. I'm so tempted. Think Birkin, think Birkin.
  8. Wowzers!
  9. OMG!!!! I'm in need of a brown coat and it is my size!!!!!!! Is it new? I cant buy used. But it purddy!