I know it's just a cheapie bag, but I got a cute new tote

  1. I found a pic on eBay of it. I got this Lauren by Ralph Lauren nylon tote at Ross for $13.99 on clearance :tup: They had a few other styles at Ross and Marshall's this weekend. I have been considering going back for a black and white nylon houndstooth hobo for $16 :tup:

  2. It's cute..and very handy.I have the same bag in olive.It's my "on-call" bag.
  3. very cute and good deal:tup:
  4. cute bag, thanx for sharing!
  5. N ot my style but it seems to be a practical bag and great bargain!
  6. I think its really cute.
  7. Sometimes, the best bags are the one you find at a great price. I am sure you will find a lot of great uses for your new bag. Cute!
  8. There are no "cheap" bags, IMO. (unless you count fakes) Only 'less expensive' bags. I have a couple LRL bags that I love. Cute bag, and an awesome deal! :tup:
  9. Enjoy your cute bag! I think it's fun to find cheaper bags and that there are great bags at all price levels.
  10. very cute! i have a very similiar Ralph Lauren Tote that I love- great for days when you dont wanna baby leather lol!
  11. Cute! Such a handy purse!:yes:
  12. Thanks ladies!
  13. Love it! :tup: Animal print is big this fall too. Congrats on such a great deal!
  14. Price has nothing to do with it as long as you love it! Congratulations!