I know its early...but I have a Halloween party question.

  1. I'd like some help. Every year DH and I throw a large Halloween party. (100 plus persons) Every year I require people to come in costume and then award prize cash (a good sum) to the best costume.
    1. Do people really hate dressing up in costume as much as I've read or what?
    2. Should I have a "costume not req'd" party? People are asking now so they can get their costume ideas ready and either make or order (as most do). :shame:

    Thanks for your sincere input - BTW I'm 36 but people at my party range from 18 - 75 no kidding!
  2. 1. If people are already asking, it doesn't sound like they hate it! There are always some people that don't like it, but I think a lot of people like doing it once a year.

    2. You're going to a lot of effort, I say make 'em dress up! Why go to a Halloween party, if you're not going to get dressed up? It's not going to kill anyone to throw an eyepatch on and say they're a pirate.

    Your party sounds fun!
  3. Do costumes..thats all the fun!!LOL!....Adults are really big kids in reality that are dying to get dressed up in silly costumes!!LMAO!
  4. I think it sounds like fun! The only reason I stopped dressing up is because I have no where to go.
  5. I love your attitude and yes, I go through a ton of effort for this party as its our last party of the year because we go home (south) for Christmas and New Years. Thanks, BTW last year the winner was a dead ringer for Cap'n Jack Sparrow!:lol:
  6. Also, PM me and you get an invite - I have to admit, its a blast!
  7. We throw a huge Halloween party every year, plus a Masquerade theme party . If its at Halloween, people naturally expect to dress up accordingly, at least my friends do.

    If you want to change the mood of the party, then suggest optional costume required.

    Have fun. :heart:
  8. 1. I love costumes and dressing up for Halloween
    2. It's should be mandatory costume, even if it's just a mask. :yes:
  9. Thanks Prada! I don't want to be a party Nazi...ooooh Masquerade party! Thats a great idea. :idea: Sounds like you have a great party. (hint hint) I've never been to New York!;)
  10. For something different, do a theme: gangsters and molls, pimps and hos . . . . or you could be bold and have a lingerie and pajama party.
  11. :nuts: What !!! you've never been to New York ? what a ya waiting for ???
  12. :nuts::wtf::nuts:
  13. If you are throwing a costume party then I think everyone should come in a costume, and if they don't want to then they don't have to go to your party. I think it's sounds fun and you only get to dress up once a year.
  14. Absolutely make the costumes a requirement!!!! I LOVE Halloween parties and LOVE making a costume! It's so much fun!

    For those who don't like to, as a previous poster said -- they can just wear a mask.

    Personally, I wouldn't care for a "theme" though... I like to think up my own stuff. :idea:
  15. Thanks - I have already bought my costume in San Fran. I'm a pink furry HO! Its really a funny outfit! Lingerie? OOOOOHH another great idea!