I know its been awhile... Groom Zippy

  1. I was just wondering if anyone is having issues with their Groom wallets? I have the zippy and the colors are fading:sad:. I thought it wasn't suppose to come off. I took it to the store, and they said it wear and tear. I was hoping I am not the only one with this issue...
  2. I am sorry to hear that... My Cerises had that problem but my Groom ones are still perfect condition. I rarely use them though.

    Can u post pics please?? Thanks
  3. I have the blue groom, and have used it daily since I received it......no probs (X-fingers)...maybe its rubbing against something abrasive in your bag?
  4. All of these lines are screen printed on. (paint) therefore over time they will peel and chip with everyday use.
  5. Yes, thought all of LV paint will encounter such that thing. I ever had Cerises, MC & Cherry BLossom, the painted got scuff
  6. yes, screen printed stuff will chip over time, e.g. cherry blossoms, cerises, groom... so it's normal. chipping gives it a vintagey kind of look & it's kind of cool imo. gives it character.
  7. Nope, no problems here. I use my red pochette wallet daily and the colors are still bright and look gorgeous.
    But as mentioned by others, the screen printed lines will do this and if there's something that is rubbing against the wallet in your bag, you may want to shift items so it doesn't happen as fast.
  8. i have the groom cles and tehres no fading and i use it everyday ether hanging out of the bag or inside and i've been using my cerises speedy everyday and no fading or rubbing either
  9. My groom still looks brand new ( but i have only used it once ).
  10. Thanks for everyone helping me out. I will post pics later. I mean its not that bad but some people have said its fake. I am like I didn't pay $695 for it to be fake. Anyways, thanks for everyones help. I guess I shouldn't be using it everyday..:cry: Even though I LOVE IT...
  11. i have the red groom agenda and have used it everyday since january and i feel like the white is about to break through and show the monogram underneath and im scared about it, so ive been carrying it around in its dustbag in my purse. i keep looking at it cause it only looks like that at sometimes.
  12. i have the red groom wallet which i use daily. i haven't noticed anything yet...
  13. My groom wallet is getting a little fading on the edge of the lip (the part with the snap cover), but very very little and I have used it everyday since last november. No where else is it getting wear & tear. The part I'm talking about is where the edge (I think it's called the glaze part) and the design start.
  14. Yes, please let us have some pics - it might not be so bad after all! ;)
  15. It is silkscreen, so it will wear, you have to be careful with it, just common sense. :shrugs: