I know it's all about SS08 now, but how about a little love for Pine GGH?

  1. I just got me gorgeous new Pine GGH Hobo from BalNY and Kim picked out such gorgeous leather! Ah! I'm so excited, I was waiting for this bag for awhile and here it is!




    and I so painstakingly matched a Hermes twilly to my new beauty!

    I'm kind of in love with my new bag!:heart:

    And I'm hoping that it + a bunch of other Hermes purchases I made will tide me over until my Magenta and EB dreams come true. :nuts:
    pine1.JPG pine.JPG pine 2.JPG pine+twilly.JPG
  2. Ack, So pretty with the GGH..:tender:
    Congrat Amiekbs8!

    I love the way you decorate the bag too..
  3. absolutely gorgeous amiekbs8! love that rich color too:tup:
  4. Congratulations! She is a great color too. Way to go!
  5. Gorgeous! The pine really looks great with the GGH!!
  6. Thank you aki_sato, violathebee, chicbabacool, and pseub for your compliments! I really wanted the Day, but with Bal only making one, I had to settle for the Hobo, but I'm really loving the shape, it fits more than I thought it would! :love:
  7. That's beautiful, and it makes me want a Pine GGH hobo!
  8. Oh wow! I love it! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  9. looks decadent, that gorgeous deep green set off by the gold!
    i love balenciaga greens!
  10. Your bag totally deserves some love... it's gorgoeus!!

    Any modelling pics?
  11. I am swooning over that delicious green...so rich looking. Yum.
  12. Ooooh I love I love ... gorgeous, congrats!
  13. That is a stunner! Gorgeous leather in an awesome combo (& a really cute twilly!) Enjoy it girl!
  14. Congrats.:yahoo: I love that combo.:tup:
  15. What a pretty shade, I love it with the gold. Congrats!