I know its a long shot but ~ Any Ideas

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  1. Does anyone have any idea of how I could get my hands on a pair of the np glitters that were on Oprah? I would need them in a 40 or 40.5. Any ideas ladies, I know if anyone could find them you wonderful ladies would. Thank you for for just looking at this hopeless post.
  2. Hi angelstacie04. I think your best bet is to call NM and see if they've gotten any returns. Keep checking their website as well, because they get occasional returns too. And if all else fails, there's always sneezebay. (BTW, I got my first pair from ebay and my second one when a return popped up on nm.com, so there's always hope!)

  3. With NM, did you call the head NM to see if any of the stores had them or did you have to call to each individual store?
  4. Do you have a SA that you work with at NM? If so, call them and they can do a search. If you need one, I can PM you. Just let me know.
  5. No I don't have one. I live in NC, two hours away from Raleigh so lol there's nothing out here.
  6. I can't PM you yet (since you are new to tPF), but I use Christine in Las Vegas NM. Her number is 702-731-3636 Ext. 2168. Hope that helps. Good luck!
  7. So I just call ask her if she could please locate any for me?
  8. Yep. Ask her if she can check if there's any in the company in your size.
  9. The Las Vegas store may still be open so you may want to go ahead and give them a call.
  10. I sent you an email, but I checked for you within NM already. All of the ones popping up in size 40/40.5 were damaged out or not actually there when my SA called for them. There were only 1/2 pairs showing for a 40/40.5 as is and the inventory via the computer is usually off.
  11. I've been wanting these too. I asked at Saks if they would be getting any in and was told 'you never know'. I'm thinking they won't be making any more. It's so sad!
  12. Aww thank you ladies. I guess ill be paying an extra 200 for my dream shoe:sad:
  13. :cursing: I'm so angry now. the only pair is with natural girl and shes selling it for $899. I mean i could understand selling it for an extra 100 or 150 but 270 dollars!!!!!!!!! that is just absolutely ridiculous. i really want that shoe but i would rather buy a damaged one at regular price than to pay 270 extra. Its so unfair how people do that. i understand that some people have to make a living that way but come on now. I bought a $99 hooide once ( the beyonce irreplacecable hoodie) for 200 and It didn't feel that bad because i really wanted it. But this is just crazy.

    Sorry, i just had to let off some steam.
  14. My long shot input...
    From many months ago, I saw NP glitters at Barneys CO-OP, The Grove, in Los Angeles (323.761.5255) Never know, they could have something in hiding... ;) Good Luck!
  15. Another tPF member found some at Barneys recently, so definitely give them a call and have them do a locator and check all the stores. I agree that $900 is ridiculous. GOOD LUCK!