I know it's a handbag forum, but...

  1. It's funny, you never get the response you want from a diehard MiuMiu/Prada fanatic in the other forums tho. I like those boots (I buy almost P and MM shoes almost exclusively as the arch/width is perfect for me) but I don't know how the round toe will play out over time. So it really depends if you just adore them or not - if so, I'd get them anyway. I'm sure all the patent will look dated as all get out next year. But I like patent :smile:
  2. Yep I think its personal choice..I don't hate it or love it. For the price if they looked good on me and were comfortable I'd probably get em lol!
  3. Jenskar, i know what you mean about the other forums!! :smile: I really really like the boots, I actually like the round toe. I wear a size 40, so anything pointy always looks kind of big on my feet, or so I think. I like the patent, too. I just wanted something other than black for a change. All of my boots are black. And these boots, being beige patent, are so much louder then even black patent, IMO.

    The reason I am questioning, even though I like the boots, is because I went crazy with the shoes recently (bought 4 new pairs in addition to bags!!), and they are all pretty expensive (CL, Dior, Chloe), even on sale, so I am trying decide if something has to go back. Although I am really tempted to keep them all :wtf:
  4. i think they are hot. :drool:
  5. raya - I tend to buy shoes and boots in clumps and often at the sales when I see a bunch of things I like (this year for instance, I didn't really see sale shoes or boots that did it for me -- so I didn't get any -- but I did buy a Prada suit - my avatar image - and I LOVE it). 395 is a great price for those boots. Are they final sale or can you get them and send them back?
    Heck, if I'd been wanting them for months I'd just go for it. I tend to forget about stuff that doesn't matter to me and move on, but if something is sticking in my head for more than a month -- it's something I'm going to regret adding to my wardrobe.
    I know about "keep them all" too. Oh do I know.
    Bad Jenskar. rofl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lecture: (I love this lecture smiley Miu2found -- my husband, when told about the latest Prada bag made a "comment". My husband NEVER makes comments about my shopping -- well except: "what did you get me?". So I knew I'd hit a new point in the "spoiling of self" mode. But this ain't no dress rehearsal. :smile: