I know it's a few months away but...

  1. Any idea for those who do dress up what your going to be for Halloween? It's my favorite holiday so i usually start thinking about it early...:shame:

    I think i have decided to be one of the nurses from Silent Hill. I'm not usually into being "cute" for Halloween i like being scary!:devil:

    Here's a photo of the nurse for those who have no clue what it looks like...

    So how about you guys!?

  2. I dont think I'll dress up. But I cant wait to find a cute outfit for our baby's first halloween!
  3. jenarae, post pics once you have your outfit. Looks wild.
  4. Awhh cute!
    Omgsweet you should check out baby costumes made by Tom Arma they are soooooooooo cute these are my faves...

  5. I most definitly will! I'm known to always have the "scariest" costume haha...so we'll see how I pull this one off...
    I already been browsing eBay for the perfect nurse outfit, then i'll just need some gauze, fake blood, a bat, and some white stockings.
  6. ^^OMG too cute!!! And they look nice and warm too! Where can I get one??
  7. Your welcome! :biggrin:
  8. Daphne from Scooby Doo
  9. Holly Golightly :biggrin:
  10. I have been reading Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, and I want to dress up as SP! But I'm afraid nobody will get it...
  11. My daughter was the Koala bear last year and the Flower the year before. I always buy Tom Arma for her. I'm thinking I will either get her the Lady bug or the Butterfly this year!
  12. Hmmmm no ideas yet.... but it's a good reminder.... i'll think about it....

    baby halloween costumes are always soooo cute. my friend's baby was an M&M one year, it was adorable!!
  13. I never do Halloween! It's not such a big deal in the Netherlands. I'd love to join a Halloween party though - I've got a great vampire-dress!

    We've got another holiday where we dress up, it's in Januari I think, it's called Carnaval, and that's a big deal here! I'm always a cat. My mother's friend does my make-up, it's really beautiful!