i know it took way too long~ but its finally here! my new Chloe Bay!


more more MORE!
Aug 7, 2007
so it is finally here! My first Chloe~ please welcome my ivory quilted bay :love:




Hey Aussie girl, you look fab with your new bag and your new bag is FAB. Since I'm contemplating one myself can you help me out???

Is this the medium quilted bay?? and how tall are you??

thanks so much girls :love: she is now officially my favourite bag!~ now i know what you girls mean about the leather~ it is sooo thick yet sooo soft!~ its A.M.A.Z.I.N.G :yahoo:

divnanata~ the bay is my favorite style~ but i did see a lady carrying a silver silverado the other day and it looked so good on her! :graucho:

susieserb~ thank you! this is actually the bay bowler (i'm not sure whether they come in different sizes... but i could give u the measurements if you like!)~ i was thinking of a medium bay before~ but then i couldn't find one in ivory so i settled on this one~ but it turned out to be perfect for me~ cos of its longer shape~ it doesn't look oversized on me~ since i'm only quite petite at 160cm~ you should so get one~ it will be perfect for winter! :P
^okay?^ So you're around 5'3" and you got the bigger QB. Wow!! It lookes so adorable on you.

Yes I would love your dimensions (of the purse that is!)

alrites~ it is around 34cm W x 33cm L x 16cm D~ the space between the bag and strap is around 15cm so it fits comfortably under my arm as well ;)