i know it sounds stupid but....

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  1. do u attach keyfobs to ur bags just like charms??
  2. I pretty much use my keyfobs as keyfobs, as I usually put scarves on my bags, but I know lots of people here use them as charms too, and they look adorable.
  3. I would love to attach keyfobs onto my purses as charms but I can't seem to do it without scratching the heck out of the hardware on my purses! Therefore, I only use Charms on my purses for easy attaching/detaching because I tend to switch out my purses a lot. If there's a scratch-free way to attach the keyfobs, I'd love to know!
  4. me too.can anyone explain how to attach the keyfob to the bag? thanks
  5. I know you can attach them right to the chain that holds the leather coach tag or you can buy a separate clasp on eBay or somewhere and change it out. I am sure there will be more ideas to come! :tup:
  6. i actually have the snoflake fob on my legacy bag right now. i just attached it to the dogleash clip on the handle..
  7. hope these help. NOT my BAGS!!
    just posted to show how they keyfobs are used.
    Carly 10.19.07.JPG Ebay Pics 287.jpg bagstuff0.jpg
  8. Cherll & Bag Fetish - Great ideas! Thanks!!!
  9. A while ago, on another forum, somebody posted how she bought the smallest size dog leash and took the closure off and used it to attach and make her own charm out of a key fob. I'm not 100% sure how she did it, but it worked.
  10. thanks girls u solved my problem
  11. I bought a clasp for my keyfob but ended up just attaching it to the chain that holds the coach hangtag and I like how it looks. Its the apple from this year with the brass hardware.
  12. Thank you SO much for asking this.. I tried attaching my embossed dog to the Coach hang tag thingy on my new Leigh, but frankly it was so noisy it made be crazy. I haven't been brave enough to try to put it on any other way. So I haven't done anything :confused1:
  13. I've used two keyfobs on my bags as charms (the apple back in the fall, and now I have the penguin). The funny thing? I use a charm for my keys!
  14. I use charms for my keys :smile: I have to lips from last year on my keys.
  15. I'm getting the skull keyfob for Christmas. I just plan to hang it off the chain where the Coach tag is... or my car keys... I'm not sure yet! :p