I know it isn't LV but...if anyone knows please help

  1. Why is there anyone at the Prada forum to help?:crybaby:

    My mum found this Prada bag in the storeroom,I posted it in the Prada forum to identify wad bag it is. But no one has helped me :crybaby:

    Are there any Prada owners that can help me?

    I know this is not related to LV but I hope I can find someone who can help,I have no choice that's why I am here asking you guys.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that, hope someone can help you soon. I wish I could, but I don't even have any knowledge about Prada to offer any advise. Give it some time. ;)
  3. I'll move this thread where it belongs. :smile:
  4. Ok! tks alot John! =)
  5. Ohhh thats a yummy prada.
  6. Have you tried asking on the eBay Discussion Board for Purses/Accessories? They have a lot of knowledge between them all; Peski is the nickname of the woman who seems to know the most about Prada.
  7. Sorry to hear no one could help you - I dont know the name of the bag either. Hope someone can help you out though.