I know I'm such a tease...

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    I got White Ali today from the outlet!!!!!! :yahoo: :wlae: :love:

    Unfortunately, because she's a Christmas present from my bf I don't have any pictures... but when the 25th rolls around I'll post a ton of pics :p :yes:
  2. Ooooh. Well congrats on getting her! We'll be as excited as you are to open up that box, caz we get to see some eye candy!!!!!:yahoo:
  3. Thanks!!! I can't to open her up and use her for the first time... I'm thinking I need the snowflake keyfob to go with her and to "winterize" her :graucho: :p

  4. Congrats on a beautiful bag! I own the Ali in black and in whiskey and it's a favorite of mine. I know you are going to love the white!!
  5. yay! Congrats! Gotta' love the Ali! :yes:
    Get the red butterfly keyfob for spring!!! She will pop on the Ali!!
    Can't wait to see pics!!!
  7. Yay!! I'm going to the outlet tomorrow!

    Congrats!!! It's a beautiful bag!
  8. Thanks everyone!! I really can't wait!... I was drooling over all the legacy stuff they had. My outlet usually only has leather stuff and rarely has sig stuff but they had sig legacy pieces and I wanted to buy 393234 other bags tonight :p :graucho: ... My BF loves helping me pick out bags and so he inspected all of the White Ali's to make sure I was getting the best one :love:
  9. Cant wait to see the pics! The snowflake would look amazing on her!
  10. That is my ultimate dream bag lately! I've been trying to find one, can't wait to see how cute yours is!!! :smile:
  11. OHH, congratulations. And I agree with Candace about the red butterfly for spring. Well I just decided I need a white leather bag to put the butterfly on. Thanks Candace. lol
  12. What a cute BF! He sounds like a keeper!
  13. Great present for Christmas! The Ali in white is stunning!