I know I'm on a ban but I found away around it..HELP!

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I'm on a ban to save for my wedding in July of 2011. I've been avoiding malls as much as I can and I've been avoiding the COACH outlet too. It was hard!!!! BUT! Now to get my Coach outlet FIX =) I'm going to buy my bridesmaids wristlets from the outlet. I have seven bridesmaids! Are you able to buy seven of the same wristlets or should I bring my future hubby and mom so I can avoid getting that "LETTER".

    Thanks everyone,

    P.S: I've been living through all these PCE reveals lately..keep them coming!!!!!
  2. First of all i want to congratulate you on two things:

    1. For your upcoming wedding :cloud9:
    2. For finding a great way to cheat around your ban..lol ! :lol:

    In my opinion, if you have a good relationship with the SA or manager just go and buy 7 in one go. They will understand. But if you are really worried about the dreaded LETTER, then by all means drag your mom and DF to the store! Better to be safe than sorry, right?

    Congrats again on your upcoming wedding!!
  3. I have seen the checkout person not let someone buy multiple items...and they were doing the same thing Bridesmaid gifts.
  4. You could get them from Macy's or Nordie's or somewhere that carries Coach but isn't a Coach FP!
  5. Whats "THE LETTER"?
  6. If you buy too much from a Coach store or too many of the same thing at the same time and Coach believes you are a reseller, they will give you a letter saying that you are banned from shopping at any outlet or full price store. Forever.
  7. If your wedding isn't until next July, buy a few now and a few later!I have seen Brides go into my Outlet and the SA actually assisted her in getting multiple gifts for the Bridal party.This, to me is not a reason for the Letter.
  8. oh thats such a good idea for gifts! good luck and congrats! im so going to keep this idea when i get start planning a wedding
  9. this is great advice if you are fearful of the letter. this letter business coach is doing is some bs. :mad:
  10. I agree it's not reason to send for them to send the letter, BUT my understanding is that Coach doesn't look into what the person is buying the multiples for. They just assume that the person is a reseller.

    OP: I'd either take someone with you, or as was previously mentioned, just buy wristlets over time, perhaps in the favorite color of each bridesmaid.
  11. I've seen a SA say they give special exceptions for buying bridesmaids gifts. Maybe go to your outlet and ask before you buy them.
  12. I would probably take someone with you just to avoid the possible drama of getting "the letter".
  13. Thanks everyone for the advice! I didn't even think about Macys! I think Macys might be too over my budget. I bought the girls necklaces and earrings so far. I wanted to spend maybe $35 on a wristlet. I will speak with the SA's and if not I'll be sure to bring others with me. Its just going to be hard because the ladies I go to the outlets are now my bridesmaids. =)

    Thanks for the advice and the congrats on my wedding!

    I'll keep you all posted.

    -Krystal :love::cloud9:
  14. Congratulations. Hopefully you can get those wristlets :smile:
  15. inluvwCoach, if you are purchasing 3 or more of a certain style, there is a special form that you need to fill out which is available (or should be) at your local store. It's basically a request form sent to Corporate for instances just like this, where you need to buy multiple items for bridesmaids. Hope that helps and congrats!