I KNOW I'm not the only one. Who has.....

  1. The same bag in multiple colors? Lately I've been obsessed with Cole Haan and been buying the same bag in different colors. I just bought the third, and willy buy possibly the fourth. Do you ladies do this too? Got any pics to share? Make me feel better:p:p
  2. I haven't done this but I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. I can think of a few bags that I would love to have an assortment of!
  3. I have a Tommy Bahama tote I love so much I bought it in 5 colors: black, brown, beige, red and turquoise.
  4. I've done this with a few bags and do it often with clothing when I find a style that is flattering and fits me well. I don't see anything wrong with it. Which Cole Haan bag is it?
  5. Although I am not (yet) one of them.. I know many Tano girls have Sexbombs/JetSetters/MissUnderstood in different colours and leather finishes!

    Does the same style in different sizes count?
    I have a medium botkier trigger and a large botkier trigger.... I was suppose to sell one of them.. but then I hesitated hahaa

    Oh wait - I do have 2 bags of different colours - Last season Gap has the gorgeous leather tote and it was on sale for $40 and I got both the Chocolate brown and the Kelly Green.. I think for the higher end bags.. I try to vary it as much as possible....
  6. The only bag I have duplicates of is my Kooba Sienna. I have the Metallic Army color which is hardly ever seen anymore and a smooth leathered Black one. I also have the Scarlett (small Sienna) in Metallic Army.
    Otherwise I try to get different styles.
    Ooops, I also have A Kooba Jillian in black and Sand. Getting the Sand was probably not necessary as I am so drawn to my black one. Hubby likes my Sand better...Go figure.
  7. I have bought four little hobos / pochettes from Longchamp in white, fuchsia, dark brown and black. Partly because they are simple in their design, partly because they are quite inexpensive.

  8. Phew! Thank the lord there is someone else like me that buys different colors of the same bags!
    I have the Cole Haan village bucket tote in black and copper; Bulga drawstring tote in turquoise and plum; Rachel Nasvik patricia bag in kelly green and chocolate; Aaneta stud duffle in yellow and black; Tano streaker bag in bronze and charcoal; Coach suede drawstring hobo in lavendar and apple green; and currently looking for deals on the Bulga triple zipper bag - I have it in Navy and want it in chocolate and taupe...Also looking for Botkier Bianca in some different colors, I have the concord and would like a couple more.
    I just think if I find a great bag, different colors are wonderful...I try to go for not-trendy styling so I can use a long time, nothing real trendy..
  9. You should check out the Balenciaga forum - Bal fans often have their favorite style in a rainbow of colors. (I'm working up to a rainbow - I currently have the Day bag in four colors).
  10. Haven't done this w/bags, but I do have some of the same shirts in different colors.
  11. The only bag that I've done this with is Longchamp Pliages totes.
  12. OOh... Not only do I like your pochettes, I also like your KEYBOARD! :yes:
  13. i do it all of the time! o have two luella carmen bikers, and two luella giselse..different colors, different sizes..ill post pics later tonight!! also, have no fear blue bunny, refer to my quote in my signature! :smile:

  14. Thank you! Although it is not mine, but my husband's. I guess it is relatively easy for him to convince me why he needs a new electronic gadget... in a similar fashion it is easy for me to convince him why I need a new bag. :yes:
  15. Oh yes, most definitely. When I was on my Coach Chelsea Field bag streak, I had one in red, black, green, and boucle. Now I'm on my Hayden-Harnett Inka bag streak, and I have one in saddle, olive, black, and plum. When I find a bag that suits me and that I like, I take no chances. Finding the perfect bag is hard enough - just like buying shoes - if you find a pair of shoes that work well, get them in every color so you'll never be without.