I know I'm late, but I saw a Popincourt Haut IRL today...

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  1. and now I am obsessed!:nuts: :shame: It was so gorgeous! I never thought that the balls would be that big! (Gotta love a bag with big balls.:rolleyes: )

    I saw it at the hair salon this morning while sitting under the dryer. The owner of the bag sat in the dryer right next to me and soooo badly, I wanted to examine it.:girlsigh: And hers was beginning to get that honey color, which made it look even better.:heart:

    I thought I would not like it from looking at the eluxury pics alone because IMO it looked so stiff and structured. I was very pleased to see that it looks so much softer IRL!!! :tender:

    I had no idea...and now I totally understand why so many here love that bag. :love:
  2. I tried that bag on when I was in Charlotte. I really loved it and put it on my list. I left with the Batignolles Horizontal. I love the zipper on the PH.
  3. I love the zipper also. Of all nights for eluxury to be down...I wanted to look at the Popincourt Haut so badly tonight.:girlsigh:
  4. I find I am that way with a lot of bags. If I see someone carrying a bag as opposed to seeing it on the web or in the store it usually has alot more appeal to me. I saw a popincourt haut a while ago and it seems like a great bag, I really like the size of it. So... when can we expect to see pictures?? :graucho:
  5. I have the Popincourt Haut and want to add my praise! It is very easy to get things in and out (unlike the Houston, which can be stiff). I like that the straps are adjustable as well.
  6. I have the PH too ... and I love it! The balls are very cute ;) And I now prefer it as my work bag as it has the zipper. I was previously using the BH as my work bag.
  7. I love mine, it's so cute.
  8. I wish this bag was out when i purchased my piano bag... I would have got it:love:
  9. I saw this bag IRL the other day too and now I am jumping on the band wagon. I had the Cabas Piano on "next bag" list now I think I want this instead. Oh decisions, decisions, decisions:nuts: !
  10. The Poponcourt Haut is my favorite LV bag. It softens up nicely and I love the balls:heart: Here is a pic

  11. Jazz - I love the Panda on the PH! I may have to get one and "copy cat" your look. :yes:
  12. I am the proud owner of a popincourt haut also and I can't wait for the leather to start getting the honey color.
  13. It my was my first Louis, and still my favourite. You should definitely get one. ;)
  14. I don't have one (or any LV bags) yet. I had just made up my mind about it after seeing pics of it on eluxury. I was really surprised that I loved it after seeing it IRL. It's a beautiful bag.:love:
  15. Oh no, I know you don't have it yet, what I meant was how long before you do end up buying it and posting pictures for us to see! :smile: I guess I should have been clearer, it made sense to me at the time. :Push:
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