I know Iknow I am posting like crazy today!!promise last one..MIZI VIENNA ON EBAY!!!

  1. At first glance, I thought HER first pic was MY pic!!!:lol: It even looks like the same TV!!!:lol:
    f6_1.jpg PICT2481.JPG
  2. hehehhe could one of your family member be trying to sell your bag off???? hhahhahahahha
  3. They know better if they want to keep on living!!!:lol:
  4. Drool :love: Can't....look...anymore~ Husband would kill me!
  5. i saw one at the sf store. hiding behind the cabinets.
  6. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!:amazed:
  7. I would REALLY love to have that bag. :love:
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