I Know Ideeli is Slow, But...

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  1. ^^The Lapis is just.......wow!
  2. My baby came today!! I'm so excited! After reading alliemia's post, I'll be sure to double (triple) check before I pull the tag off...
  3. ^^Yay!! So how do you like it? Did you order a Ceylon bag? Am I right?
  4. My Lapis Smythe will be here Wednesday.
  5. OOOOOOOOOOO all these Ceylon goodies!! I need a bucket for my drooling! LOL!
  6. I am so glad I had the day off today! UPS dropped off my Smythe in Lapis. She is in perfect condition :yahoo:I sure wish I had received it in time for Disneyland - its the perfect crossbody, not too big, not too small. Yay for Ceylon!
  7. Wow more Ceylon!! I really didn't realize how popular the line is! Wow!
  8. I got my Hawke Lapis Today and I LOVE LOVE her!!! I love blue and this bag is just beautiful!! and now my ceylon family has grown to 4!!
  9. OMG- More Ceylon and more Lapis........ I want I want!