I Know Ideeli is Slow, But...

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  1. Patience??? Doesn't really exist when L.A.M.B. is in question. LOL!
  2. i was thinking the same thing ^^ :smile: I am a bit impatient since i ordered The HAWKE in lapis and wallet to match and it was for my birthday present to myself ;) so I am all kinds of excited here!
  3. ^^When is your B-day? Mine is on Sunday.
  4. OH happy BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

    Mine was July 3 :smile:
  5. I know, but if it's going to take a year they should say that instead of 10 days, unless then you'd know what you're getting yourself into :P

  6. Thank You!! And Happy Be-lated Birthday to you!! Ok- now back to topic.:nuts: Waiting on L.A.M.B.- though mine isn't through Ideeli, it's still the same concept. LOL!
  7. lol yes I'm impatient too! and I agree, if its going to take longer, they should say something like 10-14 business days (or however long its going to take them!). i want mine now too, especially because i'm moving soon haha
  8. i just got a tracking number in my email. so mine is shipping today.
    i'll get it tomorrow most likely, as ideeli ships from close to where i live and it usually only takes a day.

    hope you all got emails too!! we've waited a long time for these bags. LOL
  9. I got my email too, yay!!! I'm glad it's going to get here before I move haha :smile:
  10. where do they ship from?
  11. I got the shipment email too. Too bad I am in California and they are shipping from NJ
  12. Woot shipping email!

    Yup, from NJ... but not too far from NY :smile:
  13. i got my hawke yesterday. i love it!!!

    was so excited, i ripped the ideeli tag off and filled all my stuff into it. then i noticed two small scuffs in the leather, very minor, but distracting. because i have bag OCD. LOL

    my husband had this awesome leather stuff that totally fixed the scuffs, i'll have to tell you all about this stuff in the chat thread.

    i wish i got the hawke in blue too, it's really awesome. i love the shoulder strap option.
  14. ^^Awesome! So did you get the Coal, Barley or Poppy?
  15. the barley.
    i sorta wish i had gotten the lapis too.
    but the barley is so soft, and the color is great