I Know Ideeli is Slow, But...

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  1. My order from the 29th still says in process, I heard it could take about ten days but I was kinda hoping by now... :sad:

    Does anyone else still see that for the L.A.M.B. they got from the sale?

    Or maybe it's just that my impatience knows no bounds :P
  2. they usually ship about 10 business days from order, so i'm thinking will ship likely monday
  3. I heard somewhere that they may wait for all orders to be processed and then inform the warehouse and they are then shipped from there.

    I hate waiting, though! So painful! But it will be such a great moment when the goods finally do arrive!
  4. They have to wait to get all their orders, tell the people what got ordered, have it shipped to them, and then have it shipped to you. So yes, it takes a while. You probably won't get it for a few more weeks
  5. i think 10 business days is like Tues. so *should* ship by next friday at latest. i keep waiting for this too.

    a necklace i ordered after the lamb bag already shipped today. so here's hoping lamb ships monday
  6. Hopefully :smile: I got it for a trip to Boston at the end of August so as long as I have it by then I'll be fine.
  7. Waiting for new L.A.M.B. is exactly like when you were a kid waiting for Christmas! LOL! It's the hardest thing, but yet so exciting!
  8. I emailed Ideeli and the reply said my order was scheduled to ship on or before July 13. I have not received any shipping info, and they have not charged my CC.
  9. i didn't get shipping info either
  10. i just emailed them about it. i'll let you know what they reply. hopefully by the end of the week we'll have the bags? HOPEFULLY. LOL
  11. Thanks!

    Today is 10 business days....
  12. If you don't mind my asking, for how much were the Ceylon bags listed? I feel like I missed out on some good deals here. I go back and forth on whether I like or dislike this line.
  13. I tried to email them, but the form just gives me an error message?

    Does anyone have a phone number?
  14. i got an email back. they say it's going to ship this week. and i'll get an email with tracking when it does.

    gee..not much help since 10 days have passed already.
  15. lol the ten day thing is such a joke, these places take weeks for the stuff to get to you. Be patient guys