I know I'd better not post it here, but I could say Goodbye Mr. McQueen

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  1. #1 Feb 13, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2010
    I am just a girl love the fashion.
    I love McQueen's creative fashion show, although I don't have anything of Alexander McQueen, his crafts are popular but I think it's luxury to pay too much to get a craft.
    Yesterday I read the news of the death of Mr.McQueen. I can't believe that, but that's true.
    We are still talking about his strange shoes from 2010S/S collectiom.But he left us. As MJ left us last year. But their great works would in our mind forever.
    Now I want to get his craft or tee to remember such a great designer. I love many pics of sweet tpfers here wearing bal and McQueen's craft.
    Maybe we could post some pics or write something to him.
    Today is Chinese traditional festival~Spring Festival. But I am not happy.
    Goodbye Mr.McQueen.
  2. i also love McQueen's creation, i am so shocked and so sad that he passed away.
    his fashion shows were so creative, he's one of the most talented designers in this era IMO.
  3. I am in shock. I hear this just now. shocked shocked shocked.
  4. There are not words enough in this world to say, that we are going to mis him.
    I hope he is in a safe place, where he can be happy with the people he once loved.
    A great creative man, he was, he is and he wil always be.

  5. "I know I'd better not post it here,"

    :confused1: then why did you? You seem to know you shouldn't . . . we already have a thread, please use it like the rest of us.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.