i know i sound like a broken record

  1. but i'm trying to psych myself up to actually buying the pond legacy wristlet...

    it's hard to tell from photos- is the pond color a more muted blue, or is it really super bright like a turquoise?


    oh and also, i just want to confirm that if i call my nearest coach store they will order it for me so i don't have to pay the $8.50 SH? or will they only order it for you in certain cases?
  2. I saw one in person and to me it looked more like a pastel blue.
  3. I have this wristlet. I was wondering about the color myself before I got it b/c I didn't want something really bright, but it is a muted hue. I wear a lot of browns and it looks great with them. I attached a couple of pics so you can get an idea.

    As far as the shipping goes . . . I know when you order from the store in person, they will waive shipping fees. I would assume that would be the same for ordering over the phone with the store, but maybe someone else could confirm?
    pond wristlet.JPG pond wristlet open.JPG
  4. thanks both of you!

    willowsmom thanks for the photos. i'm gonna go to the coach store tomorrow and ask if they can order it. :smile: it's just so pretty.
  5. All I have to do is call the store and if they do not have it in stock then I can order on the phone with them at the store and do not have to go in although going in to the store is always nicer but I always end up with more and need a blinders.
  6. I :heart: the wristlet in Pond!!
  7. I love it in Pond too!!:smile: