I know I shouldn't have but.........

  1. I spent some of my christmas pressie money on me :shame:
    From eBay I recently bought a LV pochette,Large musette (thanks BearLouis from this site:tup:),a porte monnaie tresor(i think this is what they call it :push:smile: and a pochette extender keyring.
    All items are LV mono and authentic although I do have reservations about the extender.Do the make replicas of these??Can anyone tell me.
    Porte monnaie tresor
    Large Musette
    Haven't got the link for pochette anymore but when they all arrive I'll try to learn to post a pic ;)

    Not sure how to post pics yet as I'm new here:nuts: so here are the links above.
  2. Great items!!

    Welcome to TPF!!!
  3. wow, congrats!
  4. Aww thanks :upsidedown:
    Now can anyone tell me about the extender :sweatdrop:
  5. Congrats!!! Those are all good choices.

    As for fake extenders being made, yes, they have been faked. :tdown:
  6. Congratualtions!
  7. Enjoy your early Christmas ****WOO HOO*** what a great haul
  8. I own an extender...and the box in that eBay photo is making me feel uncomfortable about your purchase...plus the exender itself looks a bit beaten up.
  9. :sad:Yeah I should have known .I was dubious myself when bidding.I wasn't sure if these were replicated or not.I guess I could send it back when it arrives as she advertised it as "genuine" in the title :idea:
    I'll try to post some close up pics when it arrives for any advice regarding authenticity.
    Thanks for the head up though :smile:
  10. ^^Sounds like a good plan. One look at the photo and my 'gut feeling' was that it was not legit... best of luck to you, and please let us know how it goes!!!
  11. Congrats!
  12. WOW! Great haul!
  13. welcome to TPF & congrats on your purchase. Trust me you'll get hook to this forum ( like I am now, I check the forum everyday )
  14. Wow Congratulations.
  15. congrats !!!!!!!