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  1. Love vache liegee
    Very good leather
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  2. Beautiful bag. Get it!! :smile:
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  3. Gorgy bag, but I'd ask the seller if "discolored" just means the color loss at corners or if this is one of those Rouge H bags that gets mottled. I'd get more photos. My understanding is VL doesn't refurbish easily so you want to ensure it's not stained.

    That said, Rouge H GHW is just stunning in ANY bag (I have a Kelly and a Trim in the combo and was eyeing this B) and VL is a lovely leather.
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  4. Great leather, but I agree, I would ask the seller what 'discolored' means in this case ;).
    The description also says that the bag has many scratches, but if you are ok with that, this might could be a great bag for you.
    I see it is sold, did you buy it?
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  5. No I didn't buy it. I saw a rouge h in box with gold hardware too so thinking that would be better. It's marked at 11,999 but it's pristine.
  6. Please keep in mind that while Box is beautiful, it is quite a delicate leather.
    Not sure if you are looking for a bag that holds up very well with minimal/no signs of wear, but if you do, Box might not be the best choice.
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  7. Wear is ok. I like box because it can develop a beautiful patina and it's light. I don't mind scratches and prefer bags to keep shape. I think for me, it's chevre, box, and I need to own a nice bag in barenia.
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  8. In that case, I would say go for it :smile:.
    Barenia and Box are beautiful leathers. Chèvre is very nice too and actually quite durable (have a Chèvre Birkin myself).
    Have fun shopping :graucho:!
  9. Oh boy. That box is expensive!! Hence the vl. I've never had a vl bag so have no idea about weight, durability in comparison to chevre or box.
  10. Do it! My HAC32 is VL and I’ve really enjoyed it. I don’t baby bags and it’s been very durable and stayed remarkably clean. It weighs 1140g (same weight as Vache Naturelle) compared to a Box HAC32 which weighs 984g. It seems like this thread has it right in the middle of the Clemence weight range for a B35 at 1247g compared to Box at 1049g. http://forum.purseblog.com/threads/weights-of-different-leathers-35-birkin.239288/
    In my opinion, if weight really bothers you then you should go with the Box but if you don’t might the few extra ounces and need the durability, go with the VL. Plus, that price is great. If it was a 30 I’d grab it in a heartbeat, a 35 is just too big for me.
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  11. Thanks for the input. I appreciate it. I was thinking that exactly. It is a great price and if the weight and durability is similar, I won't mind. I am 56 and a lot of pounds and have kids and DH who all put everything in their pockets in my bag so for a bit, 35 it will need to be.

    I appreciate your time and input on this matter. Thank you!
  12. I bought it!!!!! You are right, the price is fantastic and it is "broken in" so I won't worry about it and just enjoy it. I will send it in for spa treatment. It looks like it can use some TLC. What a great buy and it is a J to boot!!! all my loves are Js. :biggrin: SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for the DO IT!!! that is what I had been thinking..
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