I know, I know, Any chance of finding a Grenat Day? (in new cond)

  1. I always do this. Once again I am looking for a needle in a haystack. Has anyone seen a grenat day around anywhere? Other then eBay?
  2. have you tried realdealcollection.....
  3. i know this is gonna sound silly but maybe balny will have one, i got my grenat courier in august or so from balny
  4. One of my girlfriends got one from BalNY two months ago.
  5. I bought a Grenat Mini Bowling from Bal Paris in March....don't know about the Day, but it may be worth a phone call:smile:
  6. Try:

    Blake in Chicago (312) 202-0047

  7. Thanks. I have a grenat mini bowling already and think I'd rather have a day. Before I use it I wanted to make sure there are no days around for me.
  8. Thanks, they have nothing left in that color. Appreciate the tip though:smile: