I know I have the bbag bbug bbad when.....

  1. .....I am sitting at stoplights looking at the cars going by, and I'm thinking, hhmmmm 'that one looks like French Blue', or 'Jaune', or 'Ocean', or 'Rouge', or 'Violet'. Mostly the blue colors. For some reason I am loving the bright blue bags right now. I don't have ANYTHING that color, but I want a blue bag! :heart:

    So this evening we went to the local high school football game, and I sit down and realize that the opposing team is wearing French Blue pants! How could they?! All I could think about was bbags! Our highschool (my kids) colors are periwinkle and red, also fabulous bbag colors!
  2. I know!!! I always think in Bal colors too!!! So funny!!!!:roflmfao: I see the colors of clothes in the stores and relate them to a Bal color.
  3. I do that too. I've looked at cars and thought how they look like specific bbag colours.

    So so sad....:p
  4. haha, i always think of juane or marigold when seeing a taxi cab, lol

    yup, Fb is TDF
  5. I do this all the time...:shame:
  6. Oh, thank god I am on the only one who does this. lol