I know I asked this before

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  1. I have sent emails but I noone has written me back
    Who should I tell
    I want to be able to get into marketplace and change my name :tup:
  2. I think you have to ask Vlad. But, I don't think you have enough posts to be allowed into MP yet.
  3. Thanks CFREd. I had emailed Vlad, but that explains it
  4. I sent out my application for the MP in December and still have gotten no word back but i know they get tons of requests, so i wait patiently.
  5. i applied to the marketplace and have never heard back. i gave them my ebay sign on and everything.
  6. Wow! Did you apply when you hit 500 posts!? Because if you did and your at over 1500 now, i see no luck in me getting in! haha
  7. Me Too!
  8. I think Vlad is really busy...They usualy do it every few months, but I see that you just joined in January and have under 500 post...Your going to need to wait a bit more :smile:
  9. closing... Please see above links.....!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.