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  1. hey guys i know i already posted a thread on the poche toilette 26 but tommorw is the day i pick it up at paramus mall cant wait but do you think it can be used as a clutch a MAN can use it yes?

  2. unless you mince and wear tinted lipgloss... NO!
  3. witch one than
  4. Hmm I am not sure but guess wat I go to paramus 2!!!
  5. well i still like it but all ur opnions really decide
  6. I wouldnt wear a clutch bag, I would get something with an over the body strap :smile:
  7. or just to put in like luggage
  8. def. not as a clutch! maybe luggage.....
  9. Yeah... maybe luggage.

    But if you think you can rock it, then by all means go ahead! ;)
  10. thanks jm would u wear it to?
  11. yeah i totally agree with the duck, (btw i acctually love the pouchette and am concidering getting it as a pencil case) bieng a guy as well no i think is way to feminine to be a man clutch, WHAT IS A MAN CLUTCH i think it hard to find anything that doesnt look to feminine unless it has a shoulder strap attached IMHO. ohhh wait there is that damier thing i remeber looking at before the clutch cost a speedy or so but it was pretty cool i think you could pull that off as a clutch imm going to the site to find it now
  12. Im sorry but would 100% not wear this as a clutch, Luggage would be better. When I was in LV yesturday I was gunna buy the Antigua blue clutch and use it as a coin wallet like cles but when I saw it and the SA even said that it just wouldnt look right. It is a nice bag the poche toilette 26 but I think its better to be used for bathroom stuff like shampoo etc.
  13. Is there a larger version? I remember seeing a mag with a guy in black T shirt and jeans holding one, but it looked bigger....and honestly I digged it. I'd go for a bigger one if they have it so it will look more like a clutch bag rather than toiletry bag... Gd luck tommorrow. :smile:
  14. its the pouchette saint louis i like that alot and it can be pulled of by a guy
  15. not for like an everday thing just when im in the city or mainley travel
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