I know horrors to think....but...

  1. Is there any LV purchase you regretted and what did you do?

    Last November, I bought a cruise cabas, MM in turquoise for my DH to 'give' me for Christmas...at the time I was thrilled...and thought...oh, those 'fakers' won't do this bag.

    I have used it once and feel guilty every time I see it in my armoire :crybaby: .

    Not sure, If I just don't like it, or if that there are now so many fakes in this style, I have thought of selling on e-bay, but am afraid if I do, I will wish I didn't.
  2. Lol...
    I've honestly never regretted any of my bag purchases. I mean, I do get mad at some of my bags when they aren't cooperating (like if something get stuck in the zipper or the straps slip off my shoulder) but it never bothers me enough to actually regret buying them.
  3. I haven't regretted any purchases.

    I could careless if there are fakes in the style of bag I have. I know it's real and that's all that matters. :smile:
  4. No regrets for me so far. Mmmm if you think you'll regret after selling it DON'T DO IT because if you want to 'buy it' back it's near impossible to find an authentic one:Push: unless you need the $$$$:shrugs: .Furthermore the fakes look and feel nothing like the real one...believe me I've seen both.;)
  5. Hmmm....I suppose in a way I regret buying my cerises cles because I just didn't use it enough, but at least now I know that cles just aren't for me....
  6. Thanks Lee, that does help...I have only seen the fakes online...and I have seen that they can't seem to get the tuquoise right :smile: so I have been glad for that.

    Don't laugh, even though I am not sure I like the bag now, I regret not getting the matching sandals...because, I think I would use it more if I had.
  7. Nope, being satisfied with all my purchases so far.
  8. Don't regret anything yet =)

    I usually think about my purchases for a long time, I rarely have any impulse buys
  9. i am an impulsive buyer most of the time. i do kinda regret getting my cabas piano and packall. and i have never used them before and i will be off buying another bag in no time! not good! yeah, fakes out there are the least of my concerns! don't think about the fakes out there, most importantly is to enjoy your bag.
  10. nope! never regret any of my bags
  11. My only regret is my cerises long zipped wallet. I ALWAYS take a long time to consider my purchases carefully, but this was an impulse buy. It was May 2005 and I was purchasing my speedy 25 and a mono cles. Everyone was talking about how limited this piece was and it did keep coming and going from elux. I don't know why I let the limited factor thing enter into my decision to purchase that day, but it did. It really is a beautiful wallet, but it's just not me. I haven't used it once and I don't sell things, so it sits in it's box. I do have the cerises cles and love that and I regret not purchasing the cerises speedy. I think it may be the bright red interior on the zipped wallet that I'm not crazy about. Then again, I love the red interior on my damier speedy, so maybe it's just me who's crazy!
  12. So far, the most that I regret is that I didn't get the cerises speedy when it was in the boutique last year... :crybaby:
  13. the multicolor PTI, was trying to decide if I should get the MC PTI or the vernis french purse

    the SA kinda pushed me in getting the PTI, i regret it after about 1 months.
  14. If I regret or get tired of a bag, I just sell. The bag you have is truly rare and you won't have any trouble selling it on ebay. But, as someone mentioned, you won't be able to get it again once it's gone.
  15. MC mirror, but I sold it.