I know...antoher one... Pink Pleated Ergo Satchel!!!!

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  1. I know you guys have seen a bunch of these already, but I wanted to show you mine!!!! It is really a beautiful bag!

    Sorry about the grungy dance clothese in the pics. :smile: It is hard to capture the true color of the pink patent leather.:heart:

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  2. love it! looks great on you, congrats!
  3. She is so pretty :smile: You wear her well!!
  4. I LOVE it! I never get tired of seeing these! Congrats!!!!!!!!!
  5. Nice bag. It looks great on you. Congrats.
  6. Thank you everyone!!! I really wanted a pink bag!!!!
  7. It looks GORGEOUS on you!!! We never get tired of seeing our fellow tPF'rs happiness!!
  8. I'm not getting tired of seeing pics of these either! Beautiful bag! :tup:
  9. I don't think I could EVER tire of these!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! I LOVE THAT ONE!!!!! :smile:
  10. I love this bag!! It is so cute on you! I wish that the pink would match my wardrobe; it looks like such a fun spring/summer color
  11. beautiful bag!!
    how does she feel on your shoulder does the kisslock hurt under your arm ??
    are you keeping her? she looks wonderful on you!!
  12. Thanks!

    I am really happy with the drop length of the straps too. It fits on the shoulder really well. I was worried it would be too short to fit on my shoulders nicely...
  13. I can't feel the kisslocks under my arm. It really fits on shoulder well. I can get it on my shoulder with one hand! So, I am definately happy with it! I am going to keep it for sure!!!
  14. Very pretty!!! I will never tire of looking at pictures of these bags - everyone captures a different angle and its great to see them all! Congrats and it looks great on you - wear it well.
  15. thats awesome!! which wallet did you end up getting to go with it?and how much stuff can you fit in it?