I know a secret about Marc that i just found out straight from Hollywood

  1. My boyfriend is a logger on a design show and he overheard the producer talk to someone about him flying in Marc Jacobs tonight to Los ANgeles and he has a hurt back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA YAYAYAYAYYAAY straight from hollywood...
    from my boyfriend: the producer in front of me wqas on the phone talking about flying Marc jacobs in tonight and how he has a bad back.
  2. Oh no! I hope he feels better soon! There's nothing fun about back problems!
  3. Oh Poor Marc! I'd be happy to rub his back for a small fee, i.e. a free handbag! LOL! :p ;)
  4. ^LOL! Good idea!!
  5. Haha.. I know it wasn't intended, but it almost sounds as if you're celebrating his bad back. ;)

    Eitherway, it's always fun hearing tidbits of info like that. Especially famous ppl!
  6. very funny, thanks for sharing that info with us!!
  7. aww no i feel bad for him i was just so happy to get an aim from my boyfriend from work saying that he heard that.. hehehe