I knew it was a risk ordering light bag sight unseen...

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  1. So this really swell bag I ordered just arrived. It's beautiful but maybe in fact a little dirtier with some creasing than I cannot accept. I am not anal so I am usually pretty tolerant, and in a way I am surprised it wasn't a total mess when it arrived--it's the pink with ruthenium hw maxi--because it's not, and if it was I'd know exactly what to do. I knew it was a risk ordering a light bag much after it was in stores... so I almost expected something to be "wrong" and was hoping it would be something I could live with. Since well, it's been around and more time for it to get dirty/scuffed etc. It actually also seems a tad dry... Frankly, it was probably a display piece, and honestly I am not surprised about that or really think that in and of itself is problem. And I don't even think SA I dealt with saw it as she (totally nice and helpful :smile: had it sent from another store. And really it's not in BAD shape so SA there was not necessarily wrong to send out. I just don't know what to do. I do not like returning things, and I don't even know how to go about doing so to NM when there's only a "pick ticket" in the box (which, mind you, was so wet with snow that I almost had a heart attack... it was soggy all the way through!!! Like falling apart all over t he place!!! but that had nothing to do with the questionable parts... thankfully!) If I wanted to keep could I send to spa right away?? OR on the other side of things, you can't return NM things in person to BG can you?? I am stumped. Any advice?? TIA
  2. If you love the bag & it's the only one left, why not send it back in for a spa treatment? You'd be covered under warranty. But if you just don't want to deal with it, I've read on here that you can take it into BG & have them ship it back to NM for you. You will not be credited until NM receives it. Or I guess you can contact your SA to see what can be done.
  3. Thanks for the info!! I wanted to think about it first before contacting SA. Because I just don't know what I want to do! And I guess I wanted it to settle in to see if I could live with these imperfections and maybe just walk it down to 57th and get it a treatment (I assume I can do that even if was bought at NM) asap. And see what you wonderful ladies would have to say :biggrin: Like if it is only minorly dirty do you think general spa treatment will do the trick??!!?? Can't harm it, no? Thanks again.

  4. I dunno.. for the price of a Chanel, I really do expect perfection... personally, I don't think I could love a bag SO much that I'd be willing to live with it arriving dirty and having to send it for a spa treatment before I even carry it
  5. I am kind of thinking along these lines myself right now... but I will say it will be tough to see her go! And I just don't like returning things. (I mean, I will if I haveto/it makes sense, like now, but...) Thanks for your input.

  6. ^ I totally understand. I don't like returning things either. But since you're paying a lot of $$$ for it, I'd return it. Pink is a hard color to maintain (tho I just wipe mine down & it's just like new again). Maybe it's a sign. I'm sure Chanel will re-release another bag like it sooner or later. Just be patient.
  7. can we get some pictures?
  8. This one's hard. If you love it then I would keep it, reality is that your probably not going to find another one and it sounds like you would be upset to see it go. Try taking it in and see what can be done, maybe you can even have it cleaned free of charge. As for the return, you can do a return at BG however you do not take it to the Chanel counter. Go up to client services and they will send it back to NM for you for a small fee. You will need your receipt.
  9. All I have is "pick ticket" that came in the box. I hope that's a receipt! I think I am going to have to return. Tough, yes, but maybe just not meant to be. As for photos, they'd capture the creasing (which isn't even the biggest issue) but the color is so subtle that I doubt you'd see what I mean by dirt... but when you peek in back pocket for original color you see well the rest is quite a mess The straps are almost gross I discovered later;) But alas a valiant effort on part of SA... Nobody's fault. Just I was late to this particular bag. I hope I can do it via BG with this "pick ticket" thing. That'd certainly be easiest! Thanks for the info.

  10. i really really think there's no other option but to return. no brand-new-3k-just-out-of-the-box bag should be sent to the spa! too painful! :Push:

    that said, i remember someone wanting the same bag a while back, but commented that the leather was really dry. thought it was an isolated case. guess they're really made that way.
  11. ^ita!
  12. Glad you decided to return it. No point placing yourself through the unnecessary stress sending the bag into spa etc. when it's a brand new bag! There will always be another pink Chanel bag. :yes:
  13. i hate returning things as well. but if you are gonna feel upset everytime you see the bag, then there's no point in keeping? besides, there are always other nicer bags out there which will be coming in.
  14. I'm glad you have decided to return it. They charged you full price, for a bag that sounds like it has a lot of wear on it, and I realize it's just from being handled, but still, for that amount of money it should be in clean brand new condition.

    I have bought from large department stores too, and they don't always enclose a receipt, your pick ticket should be fine for them to process the return. And they should be ashamed of themselves for sending out a dirty bag without disclosing that to you first.
  15. Pick ticket is probably not going to cut it because is does not usually have a price or payment method. Did you pay using your NM card? They might be able to look it up at BG. A real receipt should have been included unless you were standing in the store when you ordered it in which case they would have given you the receipt then.