I KNEW I shouldn't have waited..

  1. My wonderful hubby just gave me a $1,000 gift certificate to Elux for Mother's day. I've been lusting after the Myrtille Epi Speedy & now was my chance to get it! I go to Elux & it's sold out:cry: Shouldn't surprise me, I'm sure I'm not the only mommy wanting this bag for mothers day!

    Anyway, I think I'm just going to hold onto the gift certificate until the damier speedy comes out. What do you all think?
  2. if you've been wanting this bag for such a long time, don't give up!! make sure you keep going to the site as much as possible.
  3. How about treating yourself to one from the store and keeping the GC for future use?
  4. Yes, I know how certain colors seem to come & go. I will be checking often in hopes someone releases a Myrtille from their shopping cart:graucho:
  5. Thanks, that's a good plan too. I need to call my local boutique & see if they have anything good:smile: Maybe a Myrtille speedy~
  6. The LV store is very tempting AND EVIL!! Everytime I plan to go get one thing, I end up with something else PLUS I spend more than I had originally planned. Lol but what can I say, I love it haha
  7. Ha- I know.. I always try to buy from Elux because I can get the 3% ****** cash back & no sales tax. I HATE paying that sales tax!:Push: But if it's something I've got to have or if Elux is sold out, I guess it's worth it then. Definitely like a kid in a candy store~
  8. I vote for waiting for the Damier Speedy~!
  9. then, you'll still have some $$$ left over.
  10. Yep, for a matching wallet!:lol:
  11. lol. exactly~!
  12. keep checking back, sometimes they have it back again in a few days.
  13. If you really want it, just keep checking back until they have it again. I know it's hard to wait :P But if that's the bag you've been wanting, it'll be worth it!
  14. Thanks ladies, I really want both the Damier & the Epi Speedys. It's just going be a race to see which one comes first. I will keep checking Elux:yes:
  15. I agree with that. That's also how my wish list grew from a few things to reaching ten. Oops.