I knew I should have started collecting before.

  1. Anyone kicking themselves for not beginning to collect before when they first saw them? I should have done the same for LAMB for Le Sportsac instead of just buying one. Would be cheaper than Louis thats for sure.
  2. Yeah I am, especially since I had the chance to get OP when it was out in stores...I just didn't want to pay that much for a lesportsac.
  3. No. Mainly because I wasn't a fan of the original prints. I would only get things I like and will use anyway, but if I miss out on it, there's always something else to take its place.

    I never remembered seeing the Inferno in the stores. Had I seen that, I would have bought and started to obsess then.

    I'm starting to realize I do have a set limit for LeSportsacs...even if it is tokidoki.
  4. i do but only so i could have gotten the foresta, i always liked them but had someone talk me out of buying them.
  5. I wished I started earlier just so I couldve gotten something in citta rosa (i don't care too much for the original print and foresta)
  6. I always knew of tokidoki, but never really paid attention to it until recently. It's funny cause I use to live 5 minute away from the LS and passed it every week.

    I pretty much have everything I want, maybe 2-3 items that I would love to get, but they are htf, but an early start would have be better so I could have bought slowly instead of all at once.
  7. yea..when the op came it last year, i didn't really care about the bags because the prices were just too much for lesportsac..i had no idea it would be sucha craze as it is now:nuts: lol..
  8. I didn't discover Toki until a few months ago and it kills me that I missed out on most of the prints. Now it is so hard to find what I want and I usually have to pay over retail. :sad:
  9. I feel the same way. I didn't really like Pirata or Adios Star when it first came out, but of course, those grew on me. After an LJer posted about her L'Amore Gioco I decided to get it in lieu of the Coach I always spoil myself with for my birthday. (Which is good, because the Coach would have probably been 50-100% more expensive.. considering I've never gotten Coach "on sale" before)

    I really wish I could've gotten a tan PG bella bella before it got so HTF (it's not even on eBay anymore..). I also wish I could've gotten a Foresta Gioco at retail.. because now they are almost always $200 or more. same for the angiolettos and caramellinas that i still have yet to get my hands on.
  10. I wish I had started collecting zuccas in all prints, mine uh, want company *sighs lovingly at current zuccas* :love:
  11. Well, I got to toki right around Citta Rosa & Citta..so I guess I caught it in time...and then was lucky enough to snag an original from our outlet..so I'm not really kicking myself. I do wish I got more Tan PG..that's all lol.
  12. I got my first bag at the end of citta, citta rosa, and foresta... got serious into collecting when bianco showed up w/ adios star... I regret not getting what I really liked early on :sad:
  13. I bought my first Tokidoki bag in August 2006, a Citta Rosa stellina. Didn't really get obsessed until April/May when I found out the Seattle LSS outlet had Paradiso.
    I wish I hadn't missed Foresta, which my friend described to me as "some brown and green line with evil fruit" when she saw it at Macy's way back when. Being the good friend that she is, she says "Definitely not" when I ask "Did Macy's ever get Foresta?" Yeah, I'm in denial.
  14. i didn't catch on until a few months ago with pirata (i've got a thing for pirates) and it makes me so sad to think about all the cute bags i could've bought if i had fallen in love sooner :crybaby:
  15. I started collecting at the end of May... I am lucky because I have found older prints without paying a lot $$$. The only bags I have paid above retail was my Inferno Zucca ($225) and Paradiso Zucca ($200).. Everything else was at or below retail.. But I do wish I found out about tokidoki sooner. I live in Miami and it's a rare find down here.. And I could have gotten tokis at a slower rate and not 11 bags in less then 4 months.. :push: