I kinda want to exchange my trasporto avventura....

  1. it's too big for me ><
    i love big bags but i never thought the avventura was so saggy...=\\\\ and it's like HUGE

    i thought it would be useful for school, but i figured that a BV is already enough for school.....

    and the store that I bought this bag at...doesn't allow refunds.

    all i can do is exchange i guess.

    but they do have a lot of older print bags there...

    i was thinking of getting an inferno BV and paradiso stellina, what do you think?

    I've been wanting something in the older printsssss for sooo long!!! i love paradiso and inferno ><

    what should i do??? :confused1:
  2. INFERNO BV?! what store!
  3. it's in toronto...lol
    the store at manulife centre
  4. I would say exchange it for something that you'll love and get use out of. There's no point keeping a bag that you won't really use or would regret not getting something else.
  5. if you're not happy w/the avventura, i say definitely :yes:
  6. lol yea i'd go for the inferno bv.. paradiso stellina would be nice too, depending on placement :p

    the cucciolo looks soo big on the karmaloop model but when i wear it, it doesn't seem too big. i actually like the roominess, but only because i have my school stuff AND my purse stuff in there.
  7. wowwwwwwww u know what, i know not to get such big bags next time!

    cuz when it's too big and it doesn't look good, then i'll never use it!!

    i want to exchange the avventura for 2 bags...hahaha

    hopefully, both the inferno bv and paradiso stellina (because it does have great placement!!) I've been looking at them for a long time....and they do have nice placement =)

    oh yea, one other thing i forgot to mention is that this place is owned by chinese people and when i called in today to ask if i could talk to the person i usually talk to in that store, this lady talked to me instead and she kinda started yelling at me about exchanging after 7 days..omggggg

    it's been 9 days since i bought the avventura.....and she yelled at me because i was 2 days late...for exchanging a bag that's over $200

    it made me sooo speechless because i keep telling her the bag is still new, with tags, i never used it, and it's too big for me -______-"

    since they're chinese (and im chinese too! LOL) i'm just going to tell them to give me discounts on these bags because of their bad customer service
  8. I thought the standard return/exchange time was 30 days? :wtf: Wow..I hope they let you exchange it, One_s2!
  9. omg! an inferno BV for retail?!? if i send you money can you get one for me?? :biggrin:
  10. yea sureee...i'll ask for the price for u first, dizchik
  11. oh seriously?? omg that would be awesome... if you're serious i'll give you my email and we can go form there. retail plus shipping to the US has got to be better than what i'd end up paying on eBay!
  12. tell me what placements u like...i'll try to look for one that have the placement u want on it cuz i know they have more than 2 BVs
  13. im gonna get one with the treeeeee in the fronttt
  14. yeah, i'm looking for an inferno bv w/ the tree in front as well
  15. sureeee =)

    i'll take a look tomorrow!