I kicked the flip flop habit!

Today I bought two pair of flat sandals and I am throwing out all but one pair of flip flops for pool and backyard use! Honestly I wore flip flops because I generally dislike my feet in flat shoes, and I figured if my feet were going to be ugly anyway, might as well wear something cheap lol. BUT.. I am over it now, and I am starting with the two pair and perhaps I'll go on from there. I didn't buy anything exciting.. but they're certainly a step up from flip flops. :biggrin: Just thought I'd share.


Aug 13, 2009
i'm going through this exact situation. i use to wear flip flops a lot because i didn't really care about what was on my feet but during the past year i realized that i secretly DO care- and that's where my shoe addiction begins. :P i haven't bought a pair of flip flops in a while, just a ton of flat sandals (i'm addicted i must admit) and pairs of flats that i prefer any time over flip flops. they are good for pool and backyard use though, i agree.


the sky is the limit
Nov 30, 2008
houston, tx
anything that's a step up from flip flops is an accomplishment! i had a roommate who had tons of pairs of flip flops... i understand that they're easy to put on, but to complete an outfit with? :tdown: she would ask me which flip flop would look better with the outfit she had on... whatever.. that's her taste, definitely not mine. lol


Nov 22, 2006
I'm kind of the opposite. I don't wear flip flops except to the pool or if walking into my garage to do the laundry. I don't get how a lot of people can walk all day in flip flops. They do not seem good for the feet although flat shoes are just as bad and I do wear flats a lot!

I don't like looking at my toes, so I don't even wear sandals! Me Too is a good but inexpensive brand for flats (under $100).

Good luck with choosing some cute flats or sandals!!


j'adore dior
Oct 19, 2007
hey! i love my fancy shoes, but i also LOVE flip flops... actually FIT FLOPS are so comfy that I wore them to tour Italy instead of sneakers! they went for miles!