I keep trying to order.............

  1. the bleeker large duffle in the PINK OMG I have to have it:yahoo: but its not letting me:crybaby::crybaby:

    I hope its not sold out already and its just a glitch. must have pink bag:heart:
  2. This bag I am told for my SA wants to order it too, is only available in the large duffle and not until about Oct 6th , my birthday , just coincidentally....lol:yahoo:
  3. Patches, call the store. I need to see that bag in pink!!!
  4. the magenta isn't available online until Oct. 12th
  5. can I get it from the store?? I so want this pink bag, its been haunting me all morning lol
  6. what does it look like? Does anyone have a pic they could post?
  7. Here it is. Just a couple weeks of waiting...Oct. 12th
  8. its on the website, if you click magenta it shows it. its sooooooooooooo pretty. of course I may hate it IRL but wont know if I dont order it!! I think I am going to call and see. I want to use it as a crossbody bag, hopfully it will work well. I am almost 5'4 so I am hoping being shorter it will hang lower. I dont want it to come across my boob, has to go under lol
  9. wow...thats hot!
  10. hot pink that is!!:graucho:
  11. out of all the bleeker bags I like this one best.
  12. If you want to see the magenta IRL, I imagine that's it's a lot like the patent gallery mini skinny & wristlet that were released. It just won't be as shiny ;)! That's a very pink bag that will definitely PoP. I'd love to see pics when you get it! :yes::girlsigh:just hang in there...oct. 12 will be here soon enough!
  13. Oh, oh!!! That pink is ME!!! WOW!! :drool: :wtf:
  14. try calling your store and ordering it..keep us ipdated...
  15. :girlsigh:...can't wait to see that one IRL.