I KEEP putting this off BUT... here are ALL my purchases for the past 2 months!*PICS*

  1. WARNIN' This is gonna be long...

    I have been A TERRIBLE PF'er :sweatdrop: not only have I not shown u guys my xmas gifts yet, BUT also m four small purchases between now and february have not been show either!

    Soo firrrrrrsssst offf, my xmas gifts were:

    Damier Bastille

    This Has been my school bag and I ADORE IT! It's amazing, I LOVE the damier print!


    Next is My Silver Miroir Pap!

    This baby has been USED EVERYDAY! haha well not EVERY day but at least 5 times a week, I ADORE IT, and yes it has SOME scuffs but they are light and my fault, it has held up AMAZINGLY!

    Third and Final xmas gift AND MY FAVOURITE, was my OUVEA CARRYALL!

    I havent exactly used hime yet (just sat admiring him) but he is FABULOUS! The story behind this little guy is that basically my father knew I wanted the ouvea, but my parents thought it was too masculine for me, a girl, anywayssss they surprised me for xmas with a keepall 50 in Ouvea canvas which somehow was found in storage in the Bloor st. store in toronto (our SA said ALL Ouvea sold out immediately and was long gone...) anways so I got the keepall, but I KNEW my heart was set on the Carryall thanks to the BEYOND FABULOUS DeluxeDuck, who posted some AMAZING pictures of it on his blog. Anyways I returned the keepall and our SA said basically not shot in HE** of getting the carryall, so I just was sitting with $1700 (Canadian) on store credit wondering WHAT to do with it. ANyways a few days later he called saying he was rummaging through some old inventory and they found a BRAND NEW ONE! It wasn;t showing in the store's inventory but ti was brand new, not even a return! I LOOOOVEEE him with all my heart (SA AND Carryall!) BIG SHOUT OUT to Mr.Duck! HAHA YESSS boring story but U know me, I am big on the boring details! Anyways those are my Xmas gifts from my VERY wonderful family!

    So now end of January I was in NY and I visited the Fith Ave. Store and I didnt want to bring home any big bags so I just bought these three adorable accessories. Inclusion Framboise, Panda Cles and Groom Ronde. The CLES HAS BEEN USEEED (I mean I bought it new from fifth, but used the heck out of it the past month!) and is developing a lovely patina, actually the first night I got him I spilt chocolate sauce all over him but washed it off and conditioned him and he lead a speedy recovery, I named him CHESTER!


    And TODAY I went in with the intention of Buying an Azur Naviglio, Black MC wapity and this litte guy, but the Azur Naviglio was JUST sold as I walking into the store and the Black MC didnt have a nice Colour Combo so my SA is calling me when more come in.

    But today I walked out with this little guy who I have been eyeing FOREVER!


    MONO WAPITY! :yahoo:


    Next Targets: Monogram Carryall (next week), Azur Naviglio, Pomme Cles and Black MC Cles (In Disney World when I got in 2 weeks!)

    And I promise I will Now post things the day I get them! :p Hope u enjoyed!
  2. i'm drooling! love ur miroir!! congrats everything is gorgeous!
  3. great pieces, huge fan of the wapity.
  4. Lovin the Miroir Pap and the Ouvea Carryall.
  5. Gorgeous Collection ..... Love your Miroir Pap :love:

    Thanks for sharing :heart:
  6. very nice items!
  7. Such wonderful purchases/gifts in such a short time! Congrats on all-
  8. very nice peices!!!
  9. Love the OVEAU! long time no talk!
  10. wow very nice. i especially love the miroir pap :smile:
  11. Congratulations!!!
  12. Great pieces, love the Miroir Pap!
  13. great peices!!!
  14. Amazing xmas gift! Also love all your new pieces! :love:
  15. Thanks guys! :flowers: