i keep my satin clutch '04 :)

  1. here's my satin clutch....
    i fall in love more with this clutch. very versatile and elegant...
    and it's huge!
    look at the comparison with city & first
    DSCN2538.jpg DSCN2539.jpg DSCN2540.jpg
  2. [​IMG]



    How big is it??
  4. i don't have a ruler in my house :p
    but i think it's the same size with the leather clutch from 04 or earlier?
  5. I love it! I WANT ONE!!!!
  6. yeppers, it looks like the same size as my '04 pistachio :cutesy:
  7. aaa... i'm still drooling over leather clutch...
    enough is never enough for b bags girls :p

    and the best thing is :
    the chain strap is long enough for me to fit in the shoulder :party:
  8. Sea!~ I LOVE:heart: LOVE:heart: LOVE that:heart: clutch!:love: I'm so happy you got it!!!!!!!! That is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  9. GORGEOUS! I am GREEN with ENVY!

  10. It's so cute! But wow that's a godzilla clutch.
  11. ^^ lol, that's true!!! :roflmfao::lol::roflmfao::lol:
  12. I'm glad you keep it !!!
    As you already know I LOVE it !!!!
  13. Wow, seahorse, that's STUNNING!! Beautiful. I'm glad you kept it too!
  14. thanks girls :party:
    yeah, it's a godzilla cluth :yes:
  15. o0o0 pretty! i love the satin!