I keep knocking my e-ring accidentally...Should I just stop wearing it?

  1. My e-ring is set kinda high, so I keep knocking it against things accidentally. :crybaby: Today, for instance, I've knocked it 4x already. So far, I don't see any obvious damage yet, although I don't have a magnifying glass. After reading some of the previous messages about people getting their diamonds chipped/broken, I'm terrified. Should I just stop wearing my e-ring? How likely is a diamond to chip or crack?

  2. I think its pretty hard to chip a diamond, but as long as your ring is insured, you should be ok, I'd imagine. Maybe change it so you have a lower setting if it really bothers you though.
  3. How long ago did you get it? When I first received my e-ring, I banged it against everything too. I wasn't used to it. I am a little clumsy, I do still do it every once in a while, but it is not as bad as before.

    But as blue suggested, you may want to get it set lower. I wouldn't think your fiance would like it if you stopped wearing it all together, lol!
  4. If your setting it platinum, you don't have a lot to worry about (it is such a strong metal, its hard to knock a stone loose).
  5. I'm glad mine is set very low, b/c I would be banging it everywhere. Just make sure to keep checking to make sure the stone isn't loose. My jeweler told me just to shake it near my ear, it will make a little tinkling noise if it is loose. Even if it's insured, it's still a pain to get a new one!!
  6. I broke my stone, but I hit it really hard in an ice skating accident. And I mean really hard! I wore it for 12 years before my little accident with no problems. I remember knocking it a lot when I first got it, but I think it takes a really hard hit to break the stone.
  7. Agree with other posts it is very hard to break a diamond, wear it & enjoy!
  8. It took me a while to get used to my engagement ring, too. I kept bumping it into things and jamming it into my finger. But I am used to it now and it feels weird without it!
  9. Thanks girls! I've had it for about 3 months now. Is that considered "long enough" to get used to the ring?

    I actually haven't insured my ring yet, but I just called Statefarm yesterday and was quoted an insurance premium of ~900. That's expensive IMO :confused1:
  10. Insure it! My broken ring wasn't insured. Big mistake!!!! I'll be shopping around for rates myself when I replace my ring.
  11. I insured mine as an add-on to my homeownwer's insurance- it's not that expensive, and extra $200 a year. Just make sure any policy covers loss as well as "mysterious dissapearance", some of them don't!
  12. I'm a ring bumper as well--I am trying to stop doing it, but I am SO clumsy! I almost always do it at home, when I am thinking about something else.

    I insured my ring as part of our home insurance, and there was a big difference in the cost with/without a deductible. My policy has a $500 deductible--if something happens to my ring, I will be willing to pay $500 to get it replaced. Without the deductible, the cost was about 300 dollars more per year.