I keep forgetting......

  1. I keep forgetting that not everyone knows about Balenciaga handbags or the brand Balenciaga for that matter.I live in broomall PA a suburb outside of phila.One night my friend ask me what kind of handbag i was carrying and with great pride i said :rolleyes:"Balenciaga" and she says whose that.My ears couldnt believe it:wtf: but not only that when she asked how much it costs and said 900.00 dollars and she said it looks like it costs 20.00 dollars. By that point i was fuming:cursing: and then i proceeded to educate her on balenciaga hanbags...she still didnt understand so i just told her to google it. And now she loves them and is on eBay everynight trying to find one that she likes. But now I often wonder does everyone think im carrying a 20.00 dollar handbag:crybaby:
  2. Why would you care what others think? Carry it because you love it! Not everyone is passionate about handbags like all of us :p

    I totally offended my best friends BF accidentally because I know nothing about motorcycles. He was showing me his new bike, and I had a "yay, new crotch rocket, greeeeeeaaaaaat" expression on my face, and he's like, it's a Harley I've been saving up for 2 years. Just trying to show that it's different strokes for different folks, so we shouldn't be offended when someone doesn't recognize our 1 out of the bazillion handbags on earth!
  3. I think i have a different problem.
    Last night i was shopping with a close friend of mine at Bally, and i saw a bag that was really nice. And when the SA told us the price, my friend commented that 'at least its cheaper than your Balenciaga' which i was carrying!
    I was so embarrased that i thanked the SA and made a quick exit. I don't need people to broadcast that its a Bal or how much i spent on it.
    One of the reason i love Bal is because its only known and appreciated by a minority group of people.
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Someone once said, what did your bag cost? $ 50? I was like :wtf::cursing: but then she didn't have a clue about handbags, so it's ok. Whatever. I don't carry them for other people, I like the look for myself and especially that they don't scream logo or status symbol.
  5. What an interesting thread....It's funny how people view prices and their impressions. My Mom would s**t a Brick if she knew how much my bags cost.
    When I got my Chloe Paddington, she said" I can't believe you spent 400.00 on a Purse!" I laughed to my self, and had no idea where she came up with that number. I think if people aren't educated on design or fashion, they will be clueless on prices and imagine their own price.
    I'm actually glad most people don't know the price of my bags!!!
  6. i carry all my bags with pride! you should too! :smile:

    xo, C
  7. I always carry my bags with Pride, but I really prefer when I get compliments like "love your bag!" over "Is that a Real Louis Vuitton?" or "Did you really pay $$$ for that bag?" I only get bothered when people recognize the brand I carry and assume it's a fake (particularly since people who know me KNOW I would NEVER buy or carry a fake). I love my bags but I do get embarrassed sometimes by my bag habit (I honestly don't want people to know how much I spend on my bags - I could buy a couple of cars with the contents of my bag closet) and I love BAL because only the ones who really know it know what bag you carry:smile:
  8. i loved my bags and i dont care if others dont. they probably cant afford it anyway. :shame: what can i say? ima bag snob. :shame:
  9. I have one BFF who treats me like I should be institutionalized for my bag habit, while another BFF is super-sweet about it but buys in the $200 price range.

    It always intrigues me who is publicly freaked out by $1k bags - I think it says more about them than it does about me :supacool:
  10. I love my bags and I buy them for my pleasure, I don't buy them for other people. However, I know that my family and some friends would probably think I am crazy for spending such amounts. Well, the answer is: I work, I make money, and I am free to spend it as I please!
  11. The reason why I use my BBag more than my LV's is that I prefer it's understated elegance. I love that it has no logos and unless they're 'in the know' they couldn't tell. Never mind what other people think. You buy bags for your pleasure, not theirs....................
  12. my boyfriend thought my bal city was a charity shop find. :cursing:
  13. My mother-in-law carries only Brighton knock-offs that she buys at the flea market. She was horrified when her daugher bought a monogram LV at how much it cost. The other day she told me how much she liked the bbag I was carrying. I just said to myself that I guess she can recognize a nice bag. I was really relieved though when she didn't ask me what it was and how much it cost because nice bags are something she just doesn't get.
  14. My husband, the first time I showed him a Bbag, said (in the middle of Barneys): That looks like some cheap bag from Walmart...now let's go back to LV hunny!

    He now appreciates them a little more....although I think all he really cares about it resale value!
  15. ^^^^ My hubby too twiggers! When I had 04 Eggplant and 05 Indigo sitting on my bed he came in and said they were ugly and looked like big pieces of purple and blue poop! He said he just doesn't get what all the fuss was about, and thought my LV White MC was much prettier. Now the only ones he thinks are pretty are my pink ones. But he is thrilled that I can sell anyone of them at a moments notice without losing money, and since I started the accessories biz we could use every one of them as a write off for our taxes. That made him appreciate them!
    And I am thrilled my mother-in-law has no idea how much I spend on my bags!