I Keep Finding More & More New Bags To Love-Check These Out!

  1. Bagachondriac- we have such similar taste in bags- I adore every one of these! I wasn't familiar with Corsia...will have to check those out! Also, not to tempt you further, but Luna Boston has the Olivia Harris (in black) on sale...and I'm sure you know about the additional 20% off codes :smile:
    Please post pics if you end up with any of these!:flowers:
  2. Oh man, I know the feeling exactly!! Although I think i've run out of "special occassions" to use to buy myself new bags, and may have to (gasp) buy them "just cuz" now!! (i've used the new job about 3 times, my birthday a couple of times, and have 2 christmas present bags coming... haha)

    Those are really nice bags though.
  3. some of those corsia bags are great!
  4. I love me a big smooshy bag! And daphodill I'm just like you - always looking for (or reusing, haha) a reason to justify these purchases!
  5. oooooooohhhhh wow!!! these bags are amazing!!! thanks for posting!!! I have the same taste as you do too...BIG and satchel shape!!

    really really cute...thanks for posting, I might have to add one to my wishlist!
  6. those are really cute :yes:


    and i love those sissi rossi, i've been thinking of purchasing one of their bags too
    u have great taste !!

  7. Hmmm! Why didn't I think of that? LOL! Since I no longer work outside of my home, I can no longer use the job as an excuse! Of course, one always needs to 'style and profile' when going to the grocery store!
  8. Is there a 12 step program for this addiction? I think it would be cheaper to be an alcoholic....wouldn't it??? LOL! These styles are seriously adorable and definitely 'must haves'....every last one of them.

    betnyp....thanks for the tip at Luna. I put myself on a purse ban for whatever that's worth! Did you check out the same Olivia Harris in red at Luna?


    and princessaj0603......just one? Surely your wishlist has room for more! LOL! It's like the potato chip commercial...remember? Betcha can't eat just one...or something like that!!

    It only makes sense to me that if I can't make up my mind which one I realy want that it must mean I have to have them ALL!!!!
  9. [​IMG]

    I have been checking out and rechecking out this Sissi Rossi bag at Shopbop for a month now...I'm in love:love:.
  10. The Sissi Rosi is really cute!
  11. I love those Corsia bags! Never heard of them but oh la la---sigh....gorgeous. and they look unbelievably squishy. Thanks Bag dear! Now my kids don't get presents for xmas!!!! (wink-wink)

  12. I love the Corsia bags also and have only found them at Otte NYC! Hopefully, they will offer a coupon code so I can buy one in the near future!! I hope your kids enjoy the beautiful new bag that Santa's bringing them!! LOL!!!!
  13. Just found this at ShopTwigs for a $298. It appears to be the same bag although their measurements differ from those at lunaboston!!



    Love this color at fengjunk...

  14. I love all these bags too. I bought the large Olivia Harris on sale from LunaBoston....and with a 25 percent discount.....I just can't decide whether to keep it or not. It's very big, not really slouchy....I'm just not sure I love it. I do like the Corsia bags....is there any coupon code for a discount for Otte NY?

    (P.S. I'm also wondering why all the Olivia Harris bags are on sale at LB, Shoptwigs, and another site--Purse Store or Bag Shop; can't remember which. Makes me wonder if they're going out of business. The brand has such a low profile. It's supposed to be a group of designers who designed for Marc Jacobs, etc. though one online site said Joy Gryson was involved with the group, too. Now I'm wondering whether they just didn't "take off" enough to keep producing them.)