I keep daydreaming about the spring bags...

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  1. and WISH Coach would make either a soft baby pink leather Carly or the magenta color leather!
    Can you even imagine????? :girlsigh:
  2. I was thinking that this AM when I looked at my choc Carly! Wouldn't it be nice in the 06 Legacy Rose color. Or even signature trimmed in a nice pink.:yes:
  3. Ya! That's the pink I was thinking of!!!!
    And the siggy/pink would be SO nice too!
  4. anything in PINK is TDF!!!!
  5. I hear ya!!:wlae:
  6. I :heart:3 pink. I would hope they have something pinkkk!!
  7. I have just recieved the new Spring Catalog in the mail. Has anyone else?
  8. Yes, I just received the new Spring Catalog today in the mail, too. I'm liking the Heritage Stripe XL Zip Satchel #11564 - some of its detail reminds me of the Medium Lily a bit (and I LOVE the Medium Lily). I wonder what other colors that Heritage Stripe Zip Satchel comes in?
  9. I'm daydreaming about the signature khaki/white legacy shoulder bag. It is so perfect. I was looking for a khaki signature, white leather, and interested in the legacy line and look what they made!! All that in one!! I have to wait til February though..oh well. That means I gotta save up my christmas money!
  10. I would love a siggy carly w/a pink leather trim omg *swoons*
  11. Oh man! I definitely know what you're saying....I LOVE when Coach does PINK....I LOVE PINK!!!! I think we here at tPF have pink fever! That's what everyone's been talking about lately on the Coach forum! Do you think we have the winter blues already? lol. I just love the way pink lightens your mood. I'm pretty sick of black and brown already, but winter's just begun!

    I don't care, though, when I get my XL Pink Heritage Stripe Tote, I'm wearing it, winter or not! Lol....I can't wait!
  12. I absolutely LOVE Coach in pink. For some reason I always like the spring/summer bags more, I guess because they are more fun and tend to go with more of my outfits. I can't wait to get my hands on a new bag this spring!