I keep changing my mind...help me decide.

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  1. I really like my denim signature stripe tote. I just don't like that it doesn't zip (dog leash closure). I want to keep it, but I find I am not using it because I want it to zip (falls over when I am driving sometimes and things fall out). I just like the denim and the lovely stripe lining. It's a perfect size. Is it silly to not use it because it doesn't zip?
  2. I had the denim signature stripe tote last year ('07 style) and I sold it after a few weeks because I didn't zip and didn't seem to have enough structure to stand up by itself. It would plop over and everything would go flying no matter where I was! If it really bothers you, I say sell it and get a bag that zips and your things don't come tumbling out of (that drives me crazy!) but if you really like it and can live with it then go for it. Sometimes it's really hard parting with bags... good luck!
  3. A girlfriend of mine had the same issue, what she did to kinda remedy the situation is use a wristlet and a wallet inside. Personally I dont know if I would like to have to open the tote to get to the wristlet and then open the wristlet to get whatever you needed, but some ppl like it because its fun to make a set out of it :smile:
  4. I do have things in wallet and wristlet and cosmetic bag, but still my phone or wallet will fall out sometimes. I hate sitting it down anywhere and walking away with it open (not that I make it a habit, but at DH's work I sat it in his office and went to the lounge and was thinking about it sitting there open to anyone.
  5. I have several bags that close with a dogleash closure rather than a zipper and I have no problem with it - as a matter of fact, its easier to get into and out of for me. I just try not to place it in a position so it can dump over! I guess its really a personal preference, though.
  6. I used to always prefer bags with zippers...but that was until I bought the signature stripe denim tote with the legacy lining. Even though there was a dogleash, I found that I never used it, and that I actually liked having my purse open so I could easily grab whatever I needed quickly. As for stuff spilling out, I don't have that problem because I'm not a driver (I always take public transportation), and I always keep it close to me.
  7. well sounds stupid but cant you put it on the seat and fasten the seatbelt lol