I keep _______ when I should ______

Jan 19, 2012
I love the thread on I used to...until....! I was thinking about my handbag addiction and all the things i keep buying when i shouldn't and thought I might ask if you guys have similar problems. Beyond keeping buying handbags when you shouldn't, what other bag-related habits do you think you should stop but can't?

I keeping buying hobos and cross-body bags cuz I love them, but i really should be buying a good tote and a nice clutch since I have neither. And yet my last purchase was, again, a cross-body bag (they're so useful!).

I keep buying neutral coloured bags (various shades of black, grey, brown, beige, white) when I know i should add some fun brights in my collection.

I keep reading this forum when I shouldn't, simply because reading it makes me want to buy bags. When I keep off the forum, i find that I'm less inclined to scratch that itch!!