I just wona bid on a house and a co-worker congratulated me befroe I even told her ??

  1. ok so here is my story , it might be a bit long , but i am very pissed over this.

    i started a new job in january , in talking I had mentioned that I was looking to buy a house in NJ. Well I was working w/ a realter that was no good , so a female co-worker suggested that I talk to her realtor Kerry. Well , I emaiked Kerry but she was not able to help me b/c it was out of her region. She recommended someone to me by the name of Mark. Mark turned out to be awesome!!! So anyways we placed a bid on a house and last night was the night I would find out if I won the bid or not. So, turns out I did .. ( so excited btw , it's our first house!!:smile: ) . So I came in this morning , and she says
    " congratulations" to me before I even say Good morning. Now my first issue w/ this is :What is she having her friend Kerry look in the system to spy on me or something , is she that nosey??

    My other isssue is that I liked this co-worker until yesterday afternoon when I was on the phone w/ my girlfriend and husband. I was in between calls, and at the time I was talking to my husband about financial stuff and didn't want anybody to hear me , so I started talking to him in spanish, since it was a personal matter. While I'm talking to him ... she starts screaming " Speaking in fu**ing english , it f'ing urkes me ". Now, I am usually a person that would turn around and say " go to hell, you dont want to hear me , don't listen". But since I'm new their and I was really in a deep conversation , I just rolled my eyes at her and ignored her for the rest of the day. Then I come in this morning , and she knows I bought a house... I'm really bothered. I feel like she knows my financial info , and do not like that she had her friend researching me!! I am waiting for a call from Mark , my agent .. as soon as he calls I'm aksing him if Kerry called him . Can you belive this. I was floored yesterday , now this !!
  2. Wow, I can't believe she had the balls to scream that out to you. :wtf: This is definitely not someone I would want to associate with. I would just ignore her and try to work without coming in contact with her. Confronting her won't make working there any easier - especially being new.
  3. First of all, I would be very offended if I were you if a co-worker yelled at me to speak in English. That is rude and if it is a personal call, it is not her business. You could just explain nicely, "This is a private conversation, thank you." No more should be necessary. There is no need to start an argument with her, because she may be one of those people who just want drama. If she continues after that, maybe speak to a manager about what she is saying to you. There is no need for intolerance in a workplace.

    Secondly, I would just keep my distance from this person. Maintain a civil, respectful, professional relationship with her, but that is it. Don't let her ruin your great news! You just got a house and enjoy that with your family and friends who matter. There will always be people like that coworker, so don't let her upset you.
  4. Oh and I forgot - CONGRATS on your first home!!
  5. First off let me say congrats!!

    I don't know. Maybe "Mark" the RE agent told her because she was the one that referred you to him? I doubt very much she has your personal and financial info. I would ask him outright if he gave her any info about you. I do think it was rude for her to yell at you though.
  6. what I left out is this .... Then I come in this morning , and she says " congratualtions" to me before I even say good morning. I asked her , "how did u know I got the house??" she says" remember I have frineds!! " Well .. excuse me .!! I'm really bothered by this. I can not believe her!!!
  7. I wouldn't worry too much about it, your coworker sounds jealous. Congrats on your first house! I'm not surprised that your coworker found about the transaction, because as soon as homes get bids word spreads in realtors' offices.

    I'm sorry your coworker yelled at you. But if you wanted to have a private conversation, maybe you should have had it outside the office or in a conference room, away from your coworkers. That way you wouldn't have to worry about them overhearing.

    Don't let this coworker ruin your great news, I'm very happy for you!
  8. Congrats on the house. I'd start off small........take her stapler, give it a couple of weeks then take her hole-punch. Or put lids on all the pens on her desk, at the end of each day put them all back on after she leaves. OR sit on her chair and lower it at the end of the each day. He he he.
  9. She's awful... she needs to mind her own business. I think the yelling was over the top. The house not so much but seeing how she treated you the day before I see how it bothers you. Ignore her she's not worth the energy!
  10. Oh, and congrats on your new home!!!:yahoo:

  11. thats pretty funny .. i'm defin. not letting her take away the excitement of my new home. But i will defen. not be talking to her anymore and I will continue to talk in spanish w. over the phone and in front of her w/ co-workers...!!:yahoo: :nuts: :wlae:
  12. thank you guys !!!
  13. She's probably upset when you speak in Spanish because it makes it difficult for her to eavesdrop! I wouldn't worry about your coworker having access to your financial info but you could explain to your realtor the situation and ask him directly what she might know.
    In general, don't let her get under your skin-- it is not worth it. Just enjoy your new home.
  14. congrats on your home! :heart: she sounds like one of those nosy jealous type women, I would keep my distance and maintain a totally professional relationship with her.
  15. whoa :wtf: I can't believe she said that to you!!!! Isn't that some form of discrimination or harrassment? :shrugs: Just doesn't sound right that she could say something so horrible!! :s
    Yes, you have every right to feel uneasy about her knowing you got the house. Her friend could easily lose her license/job for revealing financial/purchasing info. of a client. How unprofessional!!! :yucky: I'd definitely approach Kerry and let her know that it was in bad judgement to reveal your information.
    Sorry you have to deal with such wackos!!! :wacko: