I Just Won!!!

  1. I was sitting in my office this afternoon working and listening to the radio, when the DJ announced free VIP tickets to the 10th caller for the John Mayer/Sheryl Crow concert coming to this area in September. Now, I never win anything, and have never called into a radio station, but I tried it this time b/c I am a HUGE fan of both Mayer and Crow. Next thing I knew, I was on the air talking to the DJ!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: I get "VIP" treatment, whatever that means (back stage pass???). I'm so excited.

    This made me wonder, what's the coolest thing you guys have ever won? Tell all!

    Did I mention that I'm excited?:yahoo:
  2. awesome, congrats! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. COOL! COngrats..let us know all about it!
  4. wow, congrats.....
  5. Congrats! How exciting! The coolest thing I ever won was my first year of law school when I entered a drawing at the university bookstore. A few days later I got a call that I had won a mountain bike. I still have it...it's pretty fancy, but a boy's style (with the bar across). I also won a legal study guide type book at the orientation, but the bike was much better!

    Have fun at the concert!
  6. Thanks!! So, no one else has won anything?.....
  7. Sorry, ETenebris, I must have been typing the same time as you....
  8. Congrats!!! I don't have any stories to share b/c I never won anything.
  9. At my senior Luau I won two free movie tickets. They put it in a bucket with cheese popcorn and Zours (sour candy). hahaha
  10. Congratulations!!! :yahoo: I love Sheryl Crow and John Mayer!!! You are going to have a fabulous time!!! :party:

    Unfortunately, I have never won anything.
  11. congrats!!! i love them both, u'll have a blast there :yahoo:
  12. :wlae:Congrats!!! I totally know how you're feeling! I just won tickets to an AFI concert 2 weeks ago and it was the best show ever!

    You will have a fab time especially since you won them, I gurantee it
  13. yay! congrats! I never won anything before either. =P Have fun at the concert!
  14. Congratulations!!

    I won $5,000 in Vegas.. i don't think that counts though... but i was using the last $10 to my name and I won. so it made it special to me i guess. LOL
  15. Congrats!!! That's sooo exciting! I've actually won quite a few things, like tickets to Stomp and Blue Man Group. But never any to a concert.