I just won this weekender!!! please tell me I did ok

  1. OMG! 3rd bag in 3 days.... i want to be youuuuu

    can't really see the clear picture on the siver tag to be sure... but i think the above stitch supposed to be black?
  2. oh no, i hope it is not a fake?! i'm going to have a heart attack......
  3. let's hear from some of the other girls... it looks quite okay to me, but after i had a terrible terrible mistake on almost buying a fake indigo weekender some times ago on eBay. i'm more careful and will ask for more clearer pictures.
    i hate blurry on focus pics on eBay auction...
  4. oh my gosh, i think i will die if it is a fake. i was so excited i paid already....stupid me!
  5. I think it looks great! I believe its authentic, so go ahead and breathe. Love the color - you are so lucky you got such a great price!
  6. Congrats, laksalala, you outbid me on this one at the last second! I was wondering if someone would show on tPF claiming victory for it!!! :p
    It looks good to me (which is why I bid on it, of course), but when u see it in real life, u will know for sure...but truly hoping it is the real deal! It was a fab deal u got on it!
  7. I hope so, will post pics when I get it.
    sorry mint, did not mean to take it from you. i was just browsing and saw it the last minute.......
  8. I agree with seahorse. Ask for more pictures. That's my advice. I saw that auction and to be honest, it may be okay but it looked questionable to me because I hate blurry pictures of the tag. I can't tell if the thread is black at the top of the tag. It's always best to ask in the authenticate this thread first if you aren't 100% sure.

    3 BAGS? You're on a roll!!!:smile: Welcome to the world of bbag lovers. :smile:
  9. i am in big trouble though...don't know how to tell my husband. i just got my black city this morning in the mail, purchased from a member her. it is so breathtaking. i got a caramel twiggy from authenticlvlady for 785. and this today. my husband only knows that i wanted to get the city.........i probably have to hide the 2 and think of something to tell him........gosh i am so bad!
    as far as this weekender goes, i saw it the last minute and it was too late to ask for pictures........will never do this again............
  10. i would ask for clearer pictures as powder said, although u already paid for it. ask the seller to do this before it's shipped.

    i do hope it's authentic though! such a great price it would be :yahoo:
  11. laksa, it's a gorgeous looking bag, and all! But, as more-seasoned BalGals here have said get more pics of the front and back of the tags. It's not like you've already paid for it, so you're still okay. If it turns out that it IS a fake, then you're not in trouble with your husband, right? ;) If it's authentic after all, then, congratulations are in order...
  12. I think the thread at the top is black...it's just difficult to see in the blurry pic. I think this bag was asked about in Authenticate This! and The Bal Spy mentioned it too as real.

    Personally, I think you SCORED!! It's gorgeous! I was thinking about bidding on it too.
  13. ^^ ditto, congrats!!! :yahoo:
  14. i just ask the seller for more pics and she said that dhl just picked it up. she said it's real, or she will refund me. so i am crossing my fingers.......