I just won this chanel auction : )

  1. Yay for you! Cute bag- love the chain strap in particular.
  2. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but somethings look off to me on this bag. Particularly the interior label and the serial number sticker. The label is way off-center and the serial number sticker looks like it has Chanel written on both sides, when it should only be on one. Also, the logo on the exterior of the bag looks wide to me. Did you post this in authentic this by any chance?
  3. Doublec31,

    This is the same seller I posted about earlier in the authenticate this thread- just a different item.... this seller is selling a lot of Chanel items and has also had a few other auctions over the last couple days (I looked when I was researching for my neighbor, per my thread earlier). Is this person questionable?
  4. Doublec31 I see what you mean about the serial number inside and the logo outside : ( No I did not post this in the authenticity section Should I ? thanks so much I will not pay for this item if it is not authentic
  5. I agree. The label inside the bag looks a little off.
  6. Roo, the item you posted looked absolutely authentic to me. It is, however, strange that a seller would sell both authentic and fake bags. It is possible they can't tell or they may have stolen photos.
  7. YEs its definitely fake. I own this same bag in the same color. The interior label is not supposed to be pink. Its supposed to be the same color as the lining. Secondly, the serial number tag is supposed to have on the sides one line which is a solid black bar, and the other side its supposed to say Chanel R Chanel R (vertically). You can see this one has writing on both ends. Plus the outside looks so wrinkly.
  8. I must also agree that it is fake, so sorry. The inside label is wrong and the texture of the bag itself is wrong. Don't pay for it.
  9. I hope you can back out (which i'm sure you can, since the bag looks off). Let us know how it goes!

    Good luck!
  10. Like fr2nc1z said, let us know what happens!
  11. I was gonna say too that it looked a little funny in the dimensions...it just didn't look right! hope things work out!

    that's wierd though. b/c her pink cambon pochette looks fine to me?
  12. Here is a pic of my interior:

  13. That particular seller has a lot of Chanel. I hope you all report them!!
  14. I agree with DoubleC31 - The tag is wrong....The made in Italy - is not centered correctly. The M needs to start under the H and Y by the end of the E. Hologram is also wrong as Luccibags stated

    Look at Luccibags as a good example of how Made in Italy should be lined up. Also the authenticity card font looks very strange.

    You have to be really careful with these sellers because alot tend to mix the fake with the real to throw you off, or use stolen pictures (bate-and-switch). So sorry, I know this is disappointing

    I just looked at her feedback ratings and she sold a similar bag to someone else who questioned if its real.