I just won this awesome Pocket Square!

  1. Yipee! Bolduc is such a classic!!!
  2. Congrats TR!
  3. Congratulations!!
  4. Congrats T! That is soooo pretty I want a bolduc pocket square so badly but they are hard to find. :flowers: So happy you got one! :yahoo:
  5. So jealous...I LOVE this!!!!
  6. I love it!! I didn't know the Bolduc came in dark brown....beautiful!!
  7. There are a lot on eBay right now, off the top of my head I can remember a red one and a green one. The Bolduc carre is on the hermes.com website, if you're interested.
  8. It's beautiful!!!
  9. Congratulations! yay!
  10. Thanks Hello!!:flowers:
  11. Nice one Traci! So that will make 3 in one week (including the one dh got) right?? Girls, she's in...hook, line and sinker lol! I love that you updated your ticker to read "Hermes" in addition to LV purchases lol! You go girl! LZ is great and they ship fast...

  12. Oh, :shame: , you noticed that, huh? Yes, 3 in one week. Ooo that's bad. I am addicted though, seriously, I just cannot stop thinking about Hermes!!!!
  13. Love it! Happy for you...enjoy! A classic for sure.