I just won a Kooba Jessie in Raisin on Ebay. Do you think I will love it?

  1. I think the Jessie is awesome! I have the Jessie in Bourbon (I bought another after having had a zipper fiasco with my first Bourbon Jessie) and it is one of my favorite bags. Lightweight, lots of pockets, and goes right over the shoulder, its really one of my go-to bags. So, when I saw a Raisin one on eBay, I jumped on it! However, I have never seen a Kooba in Raisin, IRL, and am just pretty much assuming it is as beautiful as people have said here.

    Does anyone own a Kooba Jessie in Raisin who might be willing to share some thoughts on the bag with me?

    I'd really appreciate it!

  2. Gung, I don't own a raisin Jessie, I only have it in java and khaki. Colorwise, wait for Lexie or Huskylover to pipe in as I know they had the Jessie in raisin. There are also others who I'm sure can contribute.

    I have to agree with you, the Jessie is one hell of a bag. I love the way it stays comfortably on the shoulder and is very practical. I'm quietly hankering for a very bobbly bourbon one.
  3. I have a Jessie in raisin and still carry this bag regularly. It is one of my favorite Koobas because of size and the 4 outer pockets. I also think this bag could withstand a tornado and come out kickin'.
    RaisinJessie-front.JPG RaisinJessie-side.JPG
  4. Yes you will love it! I have the Jessie in Ebano and it is the perfect size-make sure you don't get your cards near the maagnets though there are a lot on this bag...I made that mistake once and couldn't used my bank card-smart huh?? :confused1:
  5. I don't own a Jessie - it's a bit too small for me - but I have a Raisin Sienna and it's really pretty. It is truly a workhorse bag - the leather is amazing....congratulations!:yahoo:
  6. The Jessie is my second favorite Kooba next to the Sienna. It's not a huge bag but certainly big enough for essentials plus some. I don't see how you couldn't like it. And it's so so durable.
  7. I had a raisin paige- the extra extra large version of the jessie IMO...
    I loved it!!
    The color was amazing and I loved the textured leather of the bag... you will definitely love!!
  8. just purchased the sienna in raisin. Do you guys think its a color i could use with just about anything? Wondering if it may just be too red. posted pictures of it on the " post picture site".